Can You Get Weed Delivered to Your Doorstep?

Cannabis was illegal in Canada for many years, and you’ll be locked up in jail if you were found in possession of the product. As a result, it led to the development of a negative attitude by the general population towards weed users and growers.
But thanks to many scientific studies that continue to be carried out by medical researchers, there have been many discoveries of the potential health benefits of cannabis. In response to these realizations, some countries, Canada included, have gone ahead and made the plant legal.
The legalization of weed has led to the rise in the population of people using it for recreational and medical reasons. There has been the development of many cannabis businesses aiming to bridge this gap of the enormous demand for cannabis products.
However, some customers prefer their products delivered to their homes instead of visiting the dispensary down the street. This has forced business owners to integrate delivery services into their brands. Therefore, if you live in Coquitlam and its environs, you have something to smile about; for there are reliable online dispensaries such as BC Weed Edible, that will deliver weed and edibles to your doorstep. Your favorite product is only a phone call away.
This write-up explains the benefits of using a delivery service to get your cannabis products. Let’s explore!

1. Convenience

Convenience is the #1 reason why people use delivery services. When was the last time you stepped out of the house to buy pizza? I bet you can’t remember. The convenience of ordering goods online has improved the shopping experience for people.
Like food delivery services, cannabis online retailers allow you to order your products online from the comfort of your home. Your day may be jam-packed with activities and lack time and energy to visit the dispensary.

2. High-Quality Products

Online weed shops offer top-class products. The industry regulations require the companies to carry out quality analyses of the products they are selling. You can even request to see their certificate of analysis(COA), and they will oblige.
The testing helps to ensure the products are free from contaminants such as pesticides, mercury, and fertilizer residues.

3. Mobility

Mobility is another significant importance of delivery service. You can have your cannabis products delivered to any location you’re in as long as it is within the delivery zone. As a customer, this gives you increased flexibility since not all times you are at home. You may be at work or your friend’s place.

4. Privacy

Despite the progress made in the pot industry and various campaigns that have made the plant more socially acceptable, there remains a stigma associated with cannabis. As such, some people may feel uncomfortable visiting the dispensary to buy weed.
Using cannabis delivery will help you avoid those uncomfortable judgemental looks from the people who are still apprehensive about cannabis use because you order online from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and internet connection.
Also, they don’t pull up on your residence with marked trucks; the drivers and vehicles are incognito. This helps to conceal the service they provide; hence they are discrete.

5. Safety

The delivery service uses blaze delivery software that protect the security of the customer and delivery drivers. For example, the drivers no longer required to carry change increases the overall safety of the service.
Also, the delivery drivers only deliver to people who have provided all the necessary information such as a home address, driver’s license, and phone number. The delivery service also has a tracking technology to track the package on delivery.

6. Affordable

The customers have the convenience of placing an order online, and the products are delivered door to door. This means the brand does not necessarily have to set up a physical store. As a result, it lowers the operational cost of the company. These savings are passed down to the customers through offering competitive prices. 

7. Extensive Menu

Most online weed shops post their expansive inventory of cannabis on their website. These products range from flowers, extracts, edibles to prerolls. Grassdoor has an asap menu for fast weed delivery when you want it now right now. All of the products you want are almost always available on their menu. You just browse the menu, pick your favorite strain and check out. This offers the convenience of not moving from one seller to another looking for your favorite products. 
Therefore, you can always try new strains if you wish to switch things up a little bit. Also, if the product you ordered is out of stock, they can always suggest an alternative or refund you the amount.

8. Same Day Delivery

What is the point of waiting for days when you can get your products delivered the same day you placed the order? Order your favorite products online from the comfort of your couch and wait for them delivered to your address without delay.
Some delivery services make the deliveries within 90 min. This is particularly essential to people using cannabis for medical reasons, which they sometimes need the products urgently when they run out of stock.


The delivery service has revolutionized the cannabis industry. Weed lovers now have a better buying experience; they now have the convenience of ordering the products online from the comfort of their home and are delivered to their address.








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