Cannabis: Understanding Hemp/Marijuana High CBD Strains IE Sour Diesel

Cannabis manufacturers can develop hemp or marijuana-based products high in CBD. The legality differs for each state. The products vary in their effects depending on the ratio of the chemical composition for CBD vs THC. Each species has the potential for breeding with high levels of cannabidiol, the cannabinoid boasting potential health-related benefits without intoxicating effects. 

But most CBD products sold on the market are hemp-based due to the (federal) guidelines stipulating THC content must remain at or below 0.3% for legal sales. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid abundant in marijuana that creates the “high.” You can find CBD products in dispensaries, health food stores, even gas stations, plus online with companies like Cheef Botanicals. CBD is not intoxicating.

High-CBD marijuana-based CBD products for medical marijuana patients are more difficult to find. These are only available in states with legislation for medicinal or recreational substances. While the state laws might permit, federal guidelines still stand.

There are hybrids like the Sour Diesel strain with a high THC marijuana base or a high CBD hemp base, and Dank dispensaries Grande Prairie offers this product. When purchasing a product, it is essential to determine the ratio between CBD and THC to know how the strain will react.

Cannabis: Hemp vs Marijuana

Marijuana is grown for recreational and medicinal purposes. The strains are relatively high in THC, with as much as 25% in some varieties. The CBD content is generally low, coming in as low as 1% or less. Examples would include the Blue Dream or Purple Kush.

Domestic hemp has a broad range of uses like commercial, industrial, and (with the high CBD content) therapeutic. The products are legal because CBD is non-intoxicating, but THC needs to stay at or below 0.3%. High CBD varieties can range up to 20%; examples include Charlotte’s Web, Avidekel, and Remedy. Go to for guidance on strains that have the highest percentage of CBD.

Potency variances are necessary instead of merely cultivating plants with the absolute highest range of CBD possible due to the simple fact of symptom variants. 

If you’re experiencing a mild condition, you wouldn’t take the strongest dosage of a drug, herb, supplement, nor would you need the highest potency of CBD. If you have a severe ailment bringing harsh symptoms, there is a requirement for more stringent medical care, and a higher strength of CBD could possibly aid those symptoms.

The suggestion with most scientific studies today is that even a trace amount of THC combined with CBD plus the remaining chemical compounds found in a cannabis bud compliment each individual set of unique properties in what has become known as the entourage effect. The idea of eliminating THC leaving mere CBD might not produce the most efficient version of the substance.

Smokable Hemp and Marijuana Buds

High CBD marijuana buds are more about balancing the CBD with the THC content. CBD touts the capacity to negate THC adverse effects allowing the beneficial properties to shine instead. These need at least 5% CBD to deem high; any more than that is unusual for the marijuana species. Pennywise is a strain example with a 1:1 ratio with Harlequin being at 5:2 with CBD negating THC further.

Smokable hemp is a relatively new concept. The plants get spaced further apart when grown to produce larger lowers. As marijuana users progress in age, they can develop sensitivities to the high THC strains producing harsh reactions to the compound, including paranoia, anxiety, and lethargy.

Many consumers turn to high CBD strains to avoid those effects. These buds offer similar tastes, smells, and appearances as weed products the consumers used previously but without negative reactions. Click to learn why CBD hemp strains are gaining in popularity.

Final Thought

High CBD hemp buds are an ideal alternative for consumers who no longer can tolerate the reaction generated by THC in marijuana. Users are hesitant to give up weed, especially when it is a staple in their regimen. 

Hemp or marijuana-based CBD-rich buds offer the benefits of each cannabinoid without the harsh effects. While each compound together compliments the other, CBD negates THC’s psychoactive effects bringing out its positive attributes.

Strains like Sour Diesel have use in either capacity as potent, energizing buds. It is merely a matter of paying attention to the ratio of CBD to THC and determining how you want to feel.


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