What to do in case of loss of your MMJ card?

The availability of an MMJ card confirms your right to purchase cannabis legally. If you don’t have this card, you’re not allowed to buy medical marijuana. In addition, the illegal supply, use, and growth of cannabis can cause grave consequences (including imprisonment). Thus, by losing your medical marijuana card, you lose your right to consume medical marijuana (until the document is found or restored).

What to do in case of loss of my MMJ card?

If you lost your MMJ card, you shouldn’t worry, as this document can be recovered within two weeks. In order to do this, you have to enter the official website of the Medical Marijuana Program and fill out the appropriate form. Get into your account on the site and select “Create a new application”-“Replacing the patient/caregiver card.” Then fill out the form, specifying all the necessary data, and submit all the requested documents.
The procedure of cannabis card restoration is almost the same as the registration of the new card.

During this process, you will be asked to fill out the relevant form and apply for a card replacement (don’t forget to specify the reason for the request). If your card was lost, enter “card lost” in the appropriate field.

Prior to placing a request due to the loss of your card, make sure that your contact details are correct. In some cases, medical marijuana cards don’t make it to their owners due to an error when entering the address.

What to do if my MMJ card was robbed?

There is a great demand for medical cannabis in America. Therefore, card theft is very common. The MMJ card offers easy access to top-quality marijuana. In case of the card robbery, the process of its restoration will be almost the same as the one used in the event of card loss or unsuccessful delivery.

The only distinction is that in the event of stealing, you must contact the police so that law officers attest to the fact of theft of the cannabis card. This way, you will be above suspicion and restore your license without problems. In addition, you have to indicate that the card was robbed in your application on the relevant site.


Any person who participates in the medical cannabis program should remember that any modifications regarding the card can be made only on the official page of the corresponding company. If you want to make any changes to your account, you need to:

Access your account;

Select “Create a new application” – “Replacing the patient/caregiver card.”

You will receive a response in about 14 days.

You can modify your personal data on our official page if necessary. For example, if you changed your domicile, you should make the appropriate amendments on the website. In this case, you should select the option “Create a new request” – “Update the patient/caregiver” in your account. After the data update, you will receive an email notification.


The loss of a medical cannabis card is no longer a problem. You can restore this document quickly and easily. However, patients in need of regular treatment with CBD- and THC-containing medications must monitor the card status and update it on time. If you don’t do this, you may lose access to medical marijuana for two weeks.






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