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First and foremost I’lld want to welcome you to foodwellsaid, a top notch web space for latest and updated food recipes that are helpful in keeping one’s health in check.

You probably got to this page because you where actually looking for a platform such as this where you will share your ideas with the world, you probably have been searching for keywords like “food write for us, food blogs accepting guest posts, recipes guest post, food blog contributor” etc. Yes this is possible here.

We accept certain kind of free guest posting, while some would have to be sponsored for financially, below are criteria for free guest posts.

1. Posts such as “10 Best food for breakfast in texas” are free, but note, you have to separately create unique recipe post for each of the food mentioned in the article, then we can allow one food linking out to the recipe on your own blog (for bloggers). The max and minimum food listing is “10” you can observe our blog for better understanding.

2. Posts such as “10 best Cutter for your kitchen” are free, but note, you have to separately create unique review post for each of the appliance mentioned in the article, then we can allow two appliance linking out to the article on your own blog (for bloggers) or directly to your Amazon sales link. The max and minimum appliance listing is “10” you can observe our blog for better understanding.

These sort of posts are free because it promotes the “you scratch my back, i scratch your back ” method, what i mean is, you’re offering us a service (article writing) for free in exchange for traffic or leads from us, which is okay.

Do you want to do a guest post but you don’t actually know what exactly to right on? Still do contact us so we can suggest topics so you can write on.

Paid guest postings are called sponsored posts, which means there is a financial backup towards the publication of such article, for example.

1. Article such as “Kray burgers is the best place for your hamburger in Canada” i don’t need to say much, it’s certain that such an article is solely or majorly promoting the business of the guest poster rather than offering High value to the blog, so such an article is paid for… Such articles should be written by yourself, or we can do that for you for an additional bill… Trust me our prices are highly affordable despite our reach……..

2. Article that involves stuffs such as promoting your cookbooks, promoting your restaurant, promoting your spices store etc. Are all under the sponsored post section. Do well by contact us in regards to that effect.

3. Requesting for your backlink inserted into an already existing post (seo persons) is also ranked under the sponsored post sector, this means they will be paid for.

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