6 Type of Restaurant Technology Trends for 2022

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Traditionally, technology and digital solutions have been slow to adopt in the restaurant industry. However, the COVID-19 pandemic (2020 2021) forced food and beverage outlets to look outside the box. As restaurants adjust to a new reality, many have turned to technology in recent years, even if reluctantly. One that offers more contactless technology separates guests and implements additional sanitary measures.

Restaurant digital signage enable restaurants to survive and thrive in this new connected and contactless era by transforming how they operate. Big companies can no longer ignore trends like online ordering, self-checkouts, Collaborative Robots, and touchless payments or delivery and pick-up as they help companies reinvent themselves. AVEX can help your company with their digital signage solutions.

  1. Apps for ordering and delivering online

According to the NRA (National Restaurant Association), three out of every five Americans order delivery or takeout at least once a week. Third-party delivery services like UberEats, GrubHub, and Door Dash have aggressively expanded their delivery coverage since the COVID-19 outbreak. Local and chain restaurants have taken advantage of this for convenience and delivery fee income.

  1. Online table reservations

Investing in table reservation technology like OpenTable would be an easy way for restaurant management to optimize staff scheduling. For restaurants that do not accept reservations, and online waitlist option allows patrons to join the waiting list without physically appearing at the restaurant. Employees do not need to answer the phone, and restaurants can manage seating, waitlists, customer loyalty, and dining preferences and collect vital client data with technology-enabled reservation systems.

  1. Live tip payouts

Because of the current labor shortage, keeping employees happy has never been more important since it is becoming more and more difficult to replace them. To increase employee satisfaction, you can invest in technology that allows employees to receive tips digitally in real-time, 24/7. Send tips directly to employees’ bank accounts as soon as their shift ends.
You can streamline the payment process by eliminating the need to pay cash tips and reconcile tip amounts at the shift’s end. You can also eliminate tedious cash counts, tip disputes, and bank trips with it.

  1. Cash automation solution

Restaurants today spend considerable time and money on day-to-day cash operations, such as counting and recounting cash, depositing cash at the end of the day, heading to and from the bank, and standing in line once they arrive. Now applications can help you automate these daily cash tasks, helping you streamline your cash handling processes while increasing efficiency, reducing risk, and saving time and resources. You can also minimize your credit card processing fees with
We have developed a smart, safe system, change order management, armored delivery, and an online reporting platform that provides legal data. Such as when and how much cash has been deposited into any device.

  1. Software for managing inventory automatically

In the same way, you automate your cash flow and your inventory management, so you’ll be able to predict the quantity of food and beverage you’ll need for efficient operation.
Restaurants can significantly reduce the time needed to schedule orders using inventory management software. Furthermore, the software ensures restaurants do not order more food than they need, thereby reducing the likelihood of food waste.

  1. QR codes

Restaurants have leveraged QR codes to increase contactless options since the COVID-19 pandemic. Using QR codes on posters, tables, doors, and websites, customers can view menus, order, or pay for their purchases. It is a low-cost technology that doesn’t require customers to download an app, is convenient for them, and keeps everyone safe.

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