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The purpose of my site on Best Juicer Review is to bring awareness amongst the masses as regards the role of juice as a health and bodybuilding substance, how to prepare the said nectar of the earth, what are the points that one should remember while selecting a juicer and above all which are the best available juicers as per my analytic review.

Why juice? :

The Juice plays an important role in enhancing the health & nutrition and reducing the incidents of disease & malnutrition. Many people, though suffering from the mild form of malnutrition, yet they are unaware of such fact. It is a general notion that if one takes two stomachs full of meals a day, one will not be malnourished. But the fact remains that the quantity of intake of food is not the sole determinant but the deficiency in food value that may lead to malnutrition. Truth is that anybody may suffer from malnutrition if one does not take a balanced diet. Though it is not always possible to get rid of malnutrition completely yet it can be reduced substantially by supplementing and complementing one’s existing diet.

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Is juice substitute for Tea and Coffee?

One can substitute juice for other drinks that one ordinarily consumes on a day-to-day basis viz. Tea, Coffee, etc. People usually take these caffeinated beverages to get rid of tiredness/fatigue. The reasons for tiredness/fatigue they feel can be attributed to malnutrition too. The worst part of it is that these drinks not only add to the state of malnutrition of the body but also use up more nutrients to eliminate malnutrition. It is, therefore, necessary that increased nutrients should be injected into the body through in-take of fresh fruit or vegetable juices to reduce physical tiredness/exhaustion.

Health benefits of juices:

The notion that only fresh fruit juices provide complete nutrition for a healthy mind and body is unfounded. One can use varieties of fresh produces for preparing nutritional drinks to enable one’s body to take the benefit of a large variety of nutrients that are required for its proper functioning. Therefore, juicing is the best way for a healthy and happy life. Let us sum-up the health benefits-

  1. The use of juice skips the digestive process which helps the body to absorb a larger amount of nutrients.
  2. Enzymes in the juice are better absorbed in the body converting the same into energy. The induction of this energy increases the metabolic rate.
  3. Juicing supplies Phytochemicals in the body that increases the disease-fighting capacity.
  4. The antioxidants in the juice strengthen the immune system of the body.
  5. Intake of juice provides an all-natural solution to overall health and vitality the body.

What are the factors for consideration in selecting a juicer? : It is important to buy a perfect juicer in the interest of the success of one’s wellness effort because a wrong choice may frustrate the said healthy mission. Best juicers reviews suggest possible factors for consideration in selecting one’s juicer as under:

  1. Amount of money you want to spend.
  2. Design and appearance should be appealing. This will encourage you for frequent use.
  3. If your juicer is handy, you can carry it while you travel.
  4. It should be easy to assemble and dismantle.
  5. It should be easy to clean. If cleaning is a hassle, juicing becomes burdensome.
  6. Juices yield should be superior in quality and higher in quantity.
  7. Longer the warranty period the better the quality.
  8. Always purchase a good quality juicer, maybe it is a bit more expensive.
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