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One of the more common and popular bulk storages are IBCs or Intermediate Bulk containers. Typically, these are used to house water storage for long term purposes. There will typically be a label on the bottom that indicates if the IBC is food-grade alongside the labels that indicate it is made of recyclable materials. This custom labels Melbourne here can help you provide high quality warning labels that you may need!

IBCs offer an affordable and durable solution to a variety of storage and transportation needs. These are a great addition to your doomsday supply of water as well as. They are also especially well-suited to transporting a variety of liquid materials from point A to point B. 

What Does It Mean To Be “Food-Grade”?

Food-grade containers have been constructed with materials that are categorized as safe for human consumption. This also means they do not have any chemical components that could leave any residue on food stored inside. Furthermore, any prolonged contact with food will not cause food contamination.

But “food-grade” doesn’t necessarily equal “food-safe.” For example, if you were to use the container to store something that is not food safe, like petroleum, then the container would no longer be safe for use with food. This is because toxic residue from the petroleum will adhere to the container and be passed on to the food causing contamination.  

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Check For The Food-Grade Status

The most obvious way to check in an IBC is food-grade is to look at the packaging. There will typically be a manufacturer’s label that bears a guarantee and typically indicates if the IBC is food-grade. There may also be an ingredient listing which should contain food-grade materials like steel or high-density polyethylene.

There should also be no plastic components that are toxic. For example, Bisphenol A, or BPA, has been considered harmful for humans.

How To Choose The Correct Size

IBC totes are commonly constructed in two sizes: 275 gallons and 330 gallons. You will need to select the right tote for the amount of food or beverages you will be storing. A smaller 275-gallon tote is a good amount for a family supply of water. But you will need a bigger size if you can anticipate greater problems and larger families.

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You will also need to consider how much storage space you have for your tote. A smaller 275-gallon tote is a good size for the average home bunker. Then you can have a larger 330-gallon tote in places with more room or perhaps in a separate warehouse.

It is always a good idea to use a tote that you can fill up completely. Filling them only halfway is a bad idea as this makes the tote unstable. 

Brand-New Or Used?

A brand-new food grade IBC tote is a considerably large investment, but it does give you the safety and peace of mind that whatever you will be storing will be completely unaffected by contamination. But if your business is not so exact and you feel like saving a few bucks, you can always purchase used totes.

There are two important types of used IBC totes that you will find: reconditioned IBC totes and non-reconditioned.

Reconditioned IBC totes will go through a rigorous cleaning process to restore them to their original standards. They will also go through considerable testing to make sure they are capable of storing food and water again. 

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On the cheaper side of the used IBC tote market are the non-reconditioned IBCs. These will need to be cleaned by the user. As a general rule it is always best to buy the reconditioned variety as these are far more reliable.

Benefits Of Using IBC Totes

IBC totes are a far better option for storing foods than any other type of plastic container. These totes are top-quality, completely safe and designed for long term storage. There are many benefits to investing in this type of storage unit. 

Easy To Transport — Because they are attached to a pallet, these containers can be moved around easily. They are also secured in tough metal cages to maximize durability.  

Efficient Storage — because they can be stacked, the IBC allows you to maximize every inch of space afforded you. You can even use your stackable IBC for storing drinking water for an emergency situation.

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