Is it possible to cook in Revere Ware Cookware on an induction stove?

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To facilitate cooking, to date, just an infinite number of different gadgets, excellent kitchen appliances, “smart” dishes have been invented that turn a daily routine into a real pleasure. Induction cookware sets are what really makes life much easier. Such plates heat up metal utensils with induced eddy currents created by a high-frequency magnetic field. Such plates allow you to most accurately observe the temperature regime and avoid inaccuracies in the preparation of food, which in most cases have a completely significant role. Induction cookers have just a huge number of advantages, as well as only two relative disadvantages – this is the high price of the stove itself, as well as the need to use special dishes compatible with this particular kind of stoves. Do I need to buy a new set of cookware for induction cookers and is Revere Ware Cookware suitable for it? We will answer these questions in more detail.

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Induction cookers and revere ware cookware: are they compatible?

The first thing to consider if you decide to purchase an induction cooker. Now it is possible to use exclusively new cookware with it, one that was not touched by the flames from the gas stove: in this case, its bottom is most likely damaged and will not heat up on the induction stove. Secondly, even if the packaging of the dishes does not indicate its compatibility with the induction cooker, you can easily check this moment right in the store, simply by attaching an ordinary household magnet to it. Speaking specifically about revere ware cookware, then yes, it can really be used in tandem with an induction cooker, but, as mentioned above, only provided that such cookware was not used previously with a gas stove.

By the way, the “classical” cookware for induction cookers, which was specifically designed for this type of stove, always has non-stick layer, and in addition – a layer of stainless steel, as well as special ferromagnetic inclusions that provide this same “magnetism”. In addition, you must also consider the following points:

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The bottom of revere ware cookware suitable for use with an induction cooker should be thick enough: not thinner than two millimeters, better – thicker.

It is important that the diameter of the bottom of the revere ware cookware for the induction cooker coincides with the size of the burner, or it should be slightly smaller, otherwise, the cookware, and therefore the food, simply will not heat up optimally.

It is important to understand that dishes made of pure revere ware (such as pure copper) cannot be used with induction cookers: this material is very flexible and very fusible, and therefore can be deformed and even leave marks on the induction model. Therefore, you can use alloys, special cookware for induction cookers with aluminum in the composition, as well as aluminum cookware with non-stick coating.

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Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations: if the manufacturer puts the appropriate markings, then it is really possible to use cookware on the induction stove.

As you can see, it is possible to use revere ware cookware on an induction stove, but only with a number of reservations.

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