Kobe Steakhouse – Celebrating 40 Years of Culinary Excellence

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In the bustling culinary scene of Central Florida, few establishments have left as lasting an impression as Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. For four decades, Kobe has been synonymous with excellence, offering patrons a unique culinary experience that combines entertainment, tradition, and exquisite flavors. Let’s delve into the rich history of Kobe, from its humble beginnings to its status as a beloved dining destination.


From Montreal to Altamonte Springs: The Birth of Kobe


Kobe Japanese Steakhouse’s journey began in 1984 when Doi Tan Nguyen, along with his son Chau, left Montreal, Canada, and settled in Altamonte Springs. Mr. Nguyen, a refugee of the Vietnam War, had a vision of bringing a unique dining experience to the Orlando market, one that would offer delicious food in a vibrant environment. Thus, Kobe Steakhouse was born, marking the beginning of a culinary legacy that would span generations.

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A Date Night Destination Unlike Any Other


When seeking the perfect spot for a memorable date night in Central Florida, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is often the top choice. With its world-class cuisine, signature cocktails, and unparalleled atmosphere, Kobe provides the ideal setting for a romantic evening. From the intimacy of its dining rooms to the excitement of teppanyaki-style cooking, Kobe offers a balance that ensures every date is unforgettable.


Full Bar


Kobe boasts a fully stocked bar offering an array of signature cocktails, perfect for sharing with a loved one.

A Unique Experience: Teppanyaki dining at Kobe adds an element of fun and excitement to any meal, with expert chefs providing entertainment as they cook.

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Incredible Food: From the finest cuts of beef to seafood and vegetarian options, Kobe’s menu offers something for every palate.


Locally Family Owned


Despite its growth and success, Kobe remains a locally owned and operated family business, with Chau Nguyen at the helm.

Community Roots: Over the years, Kobe has become an integral part of the Central Florida community, providing employment opportunities and cherished memories for generations of patrons.


Visit Kobe Japanese Steakhouse!


As Kobe Japanese Steakhouse celebrates 40 years of culinary excellence in Central Florida, it remains a beacon of quality, innovation, and tradition. From its humble beginnings to its status as a dining destination, Kobe’s journey is a testament to the enduring appeal of Japanese cuisine in the Sunshine State. Here’s to four decades of unforgettable meals, cherished memories, and the promise of many more to come.

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