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Quick and essential office lunch recipes to give a try

The experience of skipping breakfast and starving for many hours in the office is scary. You long for lunchtime to have a bite of your packed lunch. Ordinarily, this category of people head to the washroom, then head to the lunch table with a lunch box, of course with excitement and huge relief on their faces.  

The majority of the working class opt for packed lunch because they want to avoid fattening meals and desire to save money. Many workers with their little lunch boxes serve them a fulfilling meal. However, it affects their work productivity and disturbs their state of mind according to the experts from Since the little lunch box does not do any good, there are options that one can explore and still meet the same objective of avoiding fattening food and saving money. The majority of workers sulk during lunch break because they do not have good recipes for their lunch break. The following is a list of essential office lunch ideas one can try even today.

Avocado pasta

The combination might sound insane, but avocado sauce blends nicely with pasta and helps pasta from getting very sticky. Avocado pasta is easy to prepare because it is light and fresh, and you did not have to handle with bloating after your lunch. Because I love fresh vegetables , I made a healthy vegan pesto pasta recipe with vegetables in an oil-free,nut free sauce.

Vegan chickpea, thyme, and garlic soup

If hummus is your favorite, then you will like this recipe. Prepare soup from vegan chickpea, thyme, and garlic, then carry it to your place using an airtight container. During lunchtime, remember to reheat your soup.

Cheese and mac

Ordinarily, cheese, and mac are the favorites for many people; however, you can substitute cheese for the lighter option using cauliflower puree. With this combination, get assured the flavors will be the same.

Burger bowl

Taking burgers during a lunchtime break at work is messy, but there is an option. Avoid the burger bun and instead, have your burger on a plate full of greens. Also, substitute fries using sweet potato and complement with your favorite toppings.

Moroccan chicken pockets

Some meals are a good option for a packed lunch because it is easy to pack with lots of other ingredients, including pita bread. However, if you do not desire to have different ingredients in your bread, consider having lettuce and chicken.

Hummus sandwich and vegetable

Have a pair of sprouted grain bread. It has less fat in comparison with other types of bread and many proteins. To prepare this sandwich, spread enough humus together with a layer of tomato slices, cucumber, and spinach leaves.

Greek yogurt with chicken salad

Chop a single boneless chicken breast to small cubes and blend with almonds, grapes, apple, diced celery, and Greek yogurt. Yogurt and chicken contain protein, whereas almonds have healthy fats and protein.

Yogurt parfait

Its recipe is satisfying because of double protein from Greek yogurt and fiber from fruit and oat clusters.

Fish tacos

Spread wheat tortilla with an adequate portion of shredded red cabbage, mango, chopped avocado, and sautéed fish. Fish contains protein, while whole-wheat tortilla, avocado, and cabbage have low-calorie fiber.

Mayonnaise wraps and tuna

For the lovers of tuna, they will enjoy it with zingy mayo. To satisfy hunger, fill it with lots of vegetables such as lettuce.


A good lunch is essential for a productive workforce. With prior planning, you can have a feast during office lunch breaks.

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