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  • Cheese is Gluten-Free

    Cheese is Gluten-Free

    Cheese confounds many followers of the gluten-free diet. Most cheese doesn’t have gluten, yet it is important to read labels of all packaged or handled cheese before eating it. Cheeses Aside from wheat, barley and rye, you also want to make sure the cheese doesn’t contain wheat starch or altered nourishment starch made from wheat.…

  • What Kind Of Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?

    What Kind Of Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?

    Gruyere is a Swiss cheese that melts smoothly. It is made from cow milk and can be preserved for more than six months. It a great cheese for the table as its taste is not very aggressive. It can be used in cheese latter as well as a slice on a sandwich due to its…