What Kind Of Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?

Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?

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Gruyere is a Swiss cheese that melts smoothly. It is made from cow milk and can be preserved for more than six months. It a great cheese for the table as its taste is not very aggressive. It can be used in cheese latter as well as a slice on a sandwich due to its enjoyable taste. Being an excellent melting cheese it is also used for making traditional recipe of Fondue as well as classic grilled cheese sandwich of France, Croque Monsieur. Its taste changes slightly depending upon its age. Its taste at a younger age can be a bit sweet and salty but as it ages it tastes a bit assertive and nutty.

Though Gruyere is known for its creaminess and distinctive but non-empowering taste but you may not get it every time. In such condition, either you will have to search for cheese making kits for beginners to make different types of cheese or find out what kind of cheese is similar to Gruyere. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know some of the substitutes of gruyere so that you can replace it while making a dish similar to the dish with Gruyere.

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Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?
Cheese Is Similar To Gruyere?

Types of cheese similar to gruyere

Jarlsberg from Norway:

This cheese is primarily made in Norway from cow milk. But today Norway has licensed many people to produce it in several other countries. Though the internal texture of this cheese is semi-creamy and has big holes still it has a mildly tangy and nutty taste similar to Gruyere. It is an all-purpose cheese and can be used on the sandwich and melted to use on other recipes.

Comte from France:

It is one of the most popular cheese options of France. It is also known for its strict and harsh manufacturing system and long storage ability. Its flavor is somewhat stronger than Gruyere but not so harsh. Internally it has a compact, flexible and creamy texture with a yellowish color. It can be retained even after melting it. It can be used in recipes that can be baked.

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Emmentaler from Switzerland:

This variety of cheese is known for the regularity of its holes. Its name has been taken from the Canton of Emmental where it was traditionally made. Tiny hay particles in the milk used for making this cheese cause holes in it. It is very much similar to Gruyere in texture and taste. Though it is more flexible and yellowish than Comte still it can be used in gratins and fondue.

Raclette from Switzerland:

It is one of the oldest Swiss cheese options. Primarily it was used in various recipes after melting it. It is very pleasant to eat due to its mild taste.

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Mozzarella from Italy:

It is one of the famous Italian cheese options. It was traditionally made from the milk of water buffaloes but now any milk can be used for making this cheese. Though it has a mild, clean and salty taste but its taste may change slightly every time as different manufacturers make it differently. It has semi-firm texture and white color still if can be used as topping with pasta and pizza.

Thus you can find several cheese options that are similar to Gruyere.


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