10 Tips To Maintain Your Blender

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A Blender is called a liquidizer or mixer which is a kitchen instrument used to crush or mix food items and other substances. Some of the extraordinary blenders are used for other frozen foods and crush the ice too. If we use a blender every day, then we have to maintain it also. Why? As it will ensure that the blender we use lasts for a long time.

There are many tips to maintain a blender and different experts have different suggestions about it. So, it may be confusing. That is why we came up with a list of 10 tips to maintain a blender. You need to follow those tips for long-lasting use. 

Maintain Your Blender With 10 Tips

1. Use Correctly

When we buy a blender from a shop, before using it, we should read the manufacturer’s guidebook. We will know the maintenance of the blender from this manual book like how long we can run the blender, how the jar is attached to the machine, and the signals for indicating troubles.

2. Don’t Overload

We should remember that when we use the blender, we should not overload it. It is a very important matter. Overloading harms the motor and reduces the efficiency very fast. Overloading foods and other frozen items increase the load on the blades too.

3. Cleaning The Blender In A Proper Way

Before cleaning the blender, unplugged it. We should clean the blender after making fruit shake or juice or using it for any purpose every time. It is a very simple process. Cleaning the blender means cleaning the jar and the blades. We should use a proper towel or cloth for cleaning this blender. Some parts need to be washed with a brush too.

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4. Add Your Items Correctly

Most of the new blender users are not aware of using this machine. They don’t know the correct sequence of food and liquids in the blender. Before using a blender or making any items in it, we should have to know the measurements of foods and liquids. When the food stocks or is overloaded in the blender, then it harms the machine.

5. Be Careful With Hard Foods

A blender is used to crush or mix food items and other substances. We should not use any hard items in it. It can harm the blender. A blender is used to mix liquids and softer foods. We should not use potatoes, Ice, and any other hard items. This causes damage to the blades and machine. If the blender is specially designed, only then we can use hard items in it otherwise not.

6. Do Not Run While The Blender Is Empty

When you run your empty blender, the motor and the blades will run excessively. Then it can be damaged. So, we have to ensure that there is something in the blender and then we can run for it.

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7. Check The Damage

We should check the blender before using it. We have to check the cables, the jar, and the blades etc. Sometimes these machines get damaged and we don’t even know. This can create an accident too. So, we should check it before using it, so that we can fix it and avoid accidents.

8. Careful With Speed Settings

One of the most important parts of blender is its speed settings. We have to use it smoothly. In the beginning, we have to use it in a slow mode and gradually increase the speed. The motor and the blades will be damaged, if we don’t maintain the speed. So, we should take care of it.

09. Keep It Unplugged

We should have unplugged the blender, when it is not in use. Even if our blender is fixed with the board in our kitchen, we have to unplug it. It’s not only for wasting electricity, but also to keep it safe and active.

10. Keep In a Dry Location

We should keep the blender in a dry place. If the place is fixed in the kitchen, then we have to keep that in our mind to make the place dry. And, the place must be well ventilated. Just like unnecessary plugged in, moisture can damage the machine too. So, we should be aware of it.

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Summarize This with Special Tips

First, A blender is an electronic instrument, so we should use it regularly and very carefully. We have to clean the blender after using it every time. When it is not in use, then we have to unplug it. Overloading should be avoided. We have to keep the blender in a dry area and stay away from it from the children.

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Blenders have become an essential or valuable appliance of many kitchens. It is an electronic machine and it requires maintenance like other accessories we use in our regular life. There are many maintenance tasks that we should have to do for its benefits. If we follow these things, then our blender will work perfectly. I hope these tips to maintain your blender will help you to keep your blender working, long-lasting and effective.

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