How to Unclog a Spray Bottle Nozzle?

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We all look for items that make our regular work easy. A spray bottle is one of such items, and you can use it in various works, for instance- interior painting, cleaning, and spraying hair, and so on. 

Almost every day, I use a spray bottle for spraying my hair and cleaning household materials, etc., and also for painting small things around us such as- small flower vases. But sometimes the nozzle becomes clogged with hair spray or paint, which makes it unusable. 

I follow some methods to unclog a spray bottle nozzle and thought those could help you also. That’s why I came up with this writing on how to unclog a spray bottle nozzle. 

However, I always love to provide some additional information, and here in this writing, I am giving you some information about the types of nozzles. 

Types of Nozzles

I have quite a lot of experience of using different kinds of the nozzle, and for this reason, often my close relatives take suggestions from me about this. Hence, I thought before discussing how to unclog a spray bottle nozzle, I should mention the types of the available nozzle. It will work as additional information, and who doesn’t love to get extra? 

Swirl Nozzle

For high-pressure spraying, you can get a swirl nozzle which provide cone way spraying. They produce fine drops and can be found with a full cone as well as a hollow cone. While the full cone provides big drops in a circle, the hollow cone provides small drops in a circle.

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FloodJet Nozzle

Used with low-pressure spraying and provides a round-way of spraying. Generally, floodjet used in big volume spraying such as in herbicides. Both tiny and big drops you will get from this nozzle.

Split Top Nozzle

The split top nozzle is most commonly used and useable in almost every application. It provides an ellipse spraying. There are two variations, and they are- Basic split top nozzle and Venturi spray nozzle.

The first mentioned one is the most famous and provides small but uniform drops. 

The later one has a bigger nozzle which is full of air, and they are perfect for spraying on the crop. 

How to Unclog a Spray Bottle Nozzle?

Usually, I follow three different methods. So, here I will comprehend those, which means you will have three options and you can choose your preferred one from there.

Option 1

In this first option, you have to follow three steps. Let’s now discuss what those three steps are.

Step 1

At first try to remove dried up paint, spray, or anything which has clogged the nozzle. Take a fresh piece of cloth and warm water. Then soak the cloth into the warm water and wipe the spray opening.

Furthermore, you can use a toothpick, needle, or a sharp object for removing the trapped object from the nozzle. But be careful, it can sometimes harm the system of spray. Test the sprays nozzle.

Step 2

Here, I am going to suggest using paint thinner. If the warm water didn’t work well then dampen a rag in the paint thinner and wipe the nozzle with it. 

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Do not forget to wear protective hand gloves before using paint thinner and remove the nozzle from the bottle. 

Step 3

After using, always clean the nozzle so that material can’t build up there. 

Option 2

It is a bit different than option 1 but as easy as the earlier one. So, for this, you have to consider the following steps-

Step 1

Remove the nozzle from the clog and then pour some paint thinner in a small bowl. Now put the nozzle in the bowl and soak it up for overnight. Remember to wear protective hand gloves when dealing with paint thinner.

Step 2

The next day, wear a glove and take the nozzle. Now by using a needle, gently remove any left materials from the nozzle. 

Step 3

You can use aerosol lubricant as well if you don’t want to use paint thinner. So, for this remove the nozzle from the can and place it on an aerosol lubricant can. Press down the nozzle and make sure aerosol lubricants go through it. Keep doing it until the vent is unclogged.

Option 3

Let’s have a look at what you have to do in this third option.

Step 1

The use of rubbing alcohol is also beneficial. Take some alcohol in a small bowl. Separate the nozzle from the bottle then soak it on the container. Keep it for a few hours and then rinse it with warm water. 

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Step 2

To avoid future clogging, make sure to clean the nozzle after every use and for that simply use a piece of wet cloth. 

Remember you can choose any option but test the nozzle after every procedure whether it is working or not. If it is not working, then you have to repeat the process. However, when you face continuous clogging, check the expiry dates of the product. 

Final Words

Cleaning is so simple; with just a wet rag, you can do it. However, when you have a clogged nozzle, just choose one option and follow the steps. Those are simple but effective. 

From this writing, you have got a brief idea about types of nozzles, and I believe this idea will surely assist you. Furthermore, I have elaborated on how to unclog a spray bottle nozzle when they become clogged. You can choose one option which you may find easy for you from those three options.

Notice one thing, almost in every option I mentioned one step, where I told you should take measures for avoiding future clogging. Probably you have heard that “Prevention is better than cure”. Just like that, it is always better to clean the nozzle after every use than unclogging a spray bottle.

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