11 Tips on How to Tackle a Winter Power Outage

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Winters is a time of celebrations, holidays, and the whole family gathered around by the fireplace enjoying hot drinks. However, if you do not prepare for winters beforehand, the snowy season can bring a lot of chaos and stress to your home and family. Heavy snowstorms can cause power outages, leaving you freezing in the cold for many hours. Power outages in winters can cause severe challenges and hurdles to your daily life activities. The food might become rotten without refrigeration.

You might have no access to a heating system to keep you warm. The pipes may also burst due to excessive cold. Some electrical appliances may also get damaged, leading to increased repair work. As you get ready for the holiday season, buy gifts, food, hot chocolate, and warm cozy clothes.

You should also prepare your house for winter in anticipation of power outage. From preparing a first aid kit, purchasing emergency equipment, and preparing meals, here are the top tips you should follow to prepare yourself beforehand.

1) Insulate your property

The best time to start insulating your property, which services such as, is around fall. It is neither too hot nor too cold during the fall season, making it the ideal time to start to insulate your house. You can start weatherizing your house from the windows and the doors, after which you can watch a movie on the roof and attic. This will help prevent heat from escaping your house.

You should get a roofer from a commercial roof replacement company to thoroughly check your roof for broken shingles that need replacement. Whether you need a new roofing system or just need a roof repair, Gustafson Roofing has you covered!

You should also look into the gutters and clean them up to avoid any Ice dam formation. Ice dams act as a barrier to water flow and can cause water to go back towards your house. Experts like this roofer near Winston-Salem can help you with repairs.

If you use a fireplace where you need to burn wood to keep your family warm during a power, make sure everything is in place and working correctly. Start by carefully cleaning the fireplace and thoroughly inspecting the gasket and chimney for any fault or repair needed. Also, ensure that you have a good supply of wood stored in your house before winter arrives.

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2) Prepare meals

The power outage in winters can last for many days. You should stock your food supply with fresh items as they are likely to run out. Food will only last till your refrigerator keeps working, which is only up to 49 hours once the refrigerator stops working. You should keep food items that are less likely to rot such as canned foods, cereals, nuts, powder milk, granolas, instant coffee, and juices.

You should also store large water bottles as pipes are likely to freeze, which can obstruct the water supply through the tap. Your water may also run out if you rely on an electric motor for your water supply. So storing sufficient water in large bottles is a good idea.

3) Keep your batteries in check

When power outages attack during the winter season, it can get dark, so it’s good to stock batteries and flashlights. You can also use candles but using batteries is a safer alternative. You should also keep extra batteries for other devices such as radio and smoke detector alarms.

4) Inspect your pipes

It is very common for water pipes to freeze and burst during winters due to extreme weather. This causes a lot of inconveniences and requires a lot of money to repair. The best shot is to insulate your pipes to prevent this from happening—start by turning off the main water supply valve. You want to encourage running water as it prevents freezing compared to stationary water. Contact plumbers in Simpsonville, SC if you don’t know anything about pipes and let them do the job for you.

Collect the water that is dripping out of a pipe or tap. Some heat pumps offer a pipe freeze protection feature that turns on once the electricity is back on. The heat pump sends out hot air while consuming little energy, thus preventing the temperature from decreasing below the freezing point of water. Experts like these plumbers in Rancho Santa Fe, CA can help inspect your pipes and repair them.

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Local water damage restorers are often able to save homes and belongings that have been damaged by water, but the sooner you call them, the better. Water damage can quickly become worse over time, so it’s important to call a professional as soon as possible. With their help, you can minimize the damage and get your home back to normal.

5) Search for leaks

The heat escapes the house from leaks and gaps in your windows, doors, chimney, fireplace, attic, HVAC, and roof. Thoroughly search your house for air leakage and immediately get the fault fixed. You can use caulking to fill in the gaps, cracks, and holes. You should seal all the gaps at different places with a fire-resistant material such as a furnace cement caulk. We know an affordable furnace repair in the Portland Area. You can also check out a reputable HVAC service like Memphis HVAC services for further help on your system. If you’re in need of a furnace repair albany ny, you may reach out to companies like Reimer.

6) Buy a backup electricity supply

A generator can be a source of electricity when your house faces a long power outage. It can power your entire house and appliances. A generator is a great idea and a smart investment, especially if you live in an area susceptible to winter storms. It’s also worth using a better electrical equipment supplier, as they have better products and better prices too.

You can buy a portable generator as it is more convenient, cheaper, and can help power important appliances such as refrigeration. A standby generator is also available that is connected to your house’s entire electrical system and can power your entire house. Read more about the benefits of a standby generator here. Generators run on fuel, so you should have a good stock of fuel at your house before winters arrive. You can consult experts such as these commercial electrical services in North Bergen for additional guidance.

You can also go for a UPS. UPS is a device that charges using electricity when you have access to electricity. And when the electricity supply is cut off, it can power your house from the battery. Having a UPS can increase your monthly bills, but it is worth the cost during a power outage. You can check Utility Bidder for more information on these UPS devices. 

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7) Radios are important

In this age of technology and smartphones, very few people have a radio as an antique piece. A radio can be of use when your smartphone battery runs out and you do not have a power bank. You can listen to the news and update yourself on the power outage situation.

8) Decrease the temperature of the fridge

If you live in an area predicted to be hit by a winter storm, you should start preparing before time. Decrease the temperature of your fridge as this will help your food stay fresher for longer. Items such as milk, vegetables, meat, and butter should be kept in the freezer as they will last longer therein.

9) Invest in a power a bank

A power bank is a small and simple device that has many benefits. It helps you charge your phone when you are on the go, in your car, on the bus, or somewhere you do not have access to a power outlet. But apart from that, a power bank can also come in handy while trapped in your house during a power outage. It can help you charge your phone, through which you can stay updated with the news and condition, kill time, and reach out for help in case of an emergency.

10)   Store water in your bathtubs

If you have a municipal water supply, you do not have to do that. However, if you have an electric water pump, you can run out of water in case of a power outage. In this case, you should fill your bathtubs with water to have a pool and supply of fresh water even when your water pump isn’t working.

11)   Refill your gas

Gas stations are powered by electricity which means if there is a power outage in your area, gas stations will be affected too and will shut down. You should fill your gas tanks beforehand.

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