4 Kitchen Essentials for Cooking Meat

As chefs or home cooks, we all try to blend all our knowledge and curiosities to discover new flavors and recipes, but to make this possible, we need some essentials. Some tools are just the backbone of your kitchen. Let’s take a look at then, shall we?

  • Cast iron pan

The first thing you need is something to cook on. An ND every expert will tell you to get a cast iron pan. These things don’t even matter when you have this. They’re the ideal pans for cooking Meat because they can hold a lot of heat, allowing you to heat your pan to an insane temperature. Besties, work completely fine over any heat source, which means they distribute the heat evenly. You don’t have to worry about checking your chicken’s internal temperature and getting something you do want to see. And if you get one, make sure NOT to clean it with soap. So yes, you’ll have one less dish to do after cooking a delicious steak.

  • Meat thermometer
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The outside of your roast or steak has to be perfect, but what about the interior? That is where the goodness lies, and to make sure you get it just right, you need a meat thermometer. Many cooks prefer having a valuable cooking thermometer to a fancy grill. Some even have an alarm to alert you that your cooked chicken temperature is perfect; obviously, it works just as well for other meats. Get one with an extra-long cord so it’s more durable and can stand high temperatures.

  • Butcher block

A butcher’s block isn’t just excellent, but it can be a great help before you cook your Meat. First of all, knives slide right off wood than they do on plastic, so your knives will be sharper for longer. It needs to be heavy enough to stay in one place and don’t move around much. And if you’re worried about the wood harboring any bacteria, then leave your worries behind. The USDA has approved of these boards to be used in restaurants. Just scrape your blood block with a bench scraper and make sure to disinfect it now and then, and you’ll be fine!

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  • Jaccard tenderizer

Regular meat mallets not only crush your Meat’s spirits but also wholly turns it into mush. You want to tenderize your tougher meat cuts, and for that, you’ll need a Jaccard tenderizer. These bad boys are made up of 48 blades that retract. They can piece in between the long muscle strands of your Meat, the identical strands that make your meat infidel chewy and hard to swallow. Using a blade on them helps the marinade penetrate more profound, and that is how you get a steak that everyone will talk about for the whole year.

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Once you have your tools, have fun with them! But also make sure to clean and disinfect them after every use. And happy cooking!

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