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9 Alcoholic Mixtures To Make Your Morning Better

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While evenings get most of the hype for dinner dates, movies nights and football games, you should never underestimate the possibilities of a free morning. From early jogging to fishing to gardening… or maybe something a little more relaxing, like early drinking.

Even if brunch is not typically the meal you think about when picking your favorite liquor options, the truth is that it can be the perfect time to booze it up. Because your buzz will pass by mid-afternoon, early drinking gives you the opportunity to take a mid-day break but then have enough energy to bounce back into working from home (err… or enjoying your day off). Here are nine options to try.

1. Tequila Sunrise

If you want to get an early start before brunch and watch the sunrise while sipping a glass of morning bliss, a Tequila Sunrise might be just the drink for you. With yellow and red hues to match the sky and fruity flavors to awaken your tastebuds, this is a lovely AM cocktail.

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2. Bloody Mary

For a morning buzz that is a little bit bolder, you cannot go wrong with an Absolut Bloody Mary. As a vodka combination that mixes tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce heaven with a zesty splash of lime, this morning mashup is a classic.

3. Bloody Maria

You read that right. For all of the tequila lovers who have wanted a morning cocktail as tasty as the beloved Bloody Mary, your wait is over. The Bloody Maria is a Tex-Mex twist that substitutes vodka with tequila and includes chipotle pepper sauce and jalapenos instead of celery.

4. Red Wine Sangria

If wine is your best friend, then the best morning drink for you will probably be a sangria. A mixture of your choice of red wine, liquor, berries and oranges, a sangria can serve as a refreshing early drink regardless of what kind of day you are having.

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5. Triple Citrus Whiskey Sour

Maybe it is because of oranges and OJ being common breakfast table items, but citrus flavors just have a rightful place on the morning bar menu. As another top AM drink contender, a Triple Citrus Whiskey Sour is a sweet and tangy surprise on a long-love favorite.

6. Ginger Peach Bellini

If you want to pretend you are in Venice the next time that you and beau watch the sunrise, grab a bottle of Prosecco and peach schnapps, along with some homemade ginger syrup, to make a fun and uplifting Ginger Peach Bellini that is wonderful for starting your day.

7. Spicy Beer Mary

Another twist on the classic Bloody Mary, the Spicy Beer Mary is a more casual morning drink alternative that presents itself just as it sounds. With peppers, beer, hot sauce and other spices, this unique concoction is an exciting way to step outside your comfort zone.

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8. Hot Orange Sipping Tea

For the peace tea drinkers who prefer to slowly wake up and take in the morning with small and intentional sips, Hot Orange Sipping Tea may be right up your alley. As a boiled batch of vanilla vodka mixed with orange liqueur additions, this drink is a warm and cozy treat.

9. Celery Tonic

Finally, if you are really looking for a light morning buzz, you cannot go any lighter than celery (except maybe water). As such, a Celery Tonic can be a solid option for those who just want a little bit of crisp flavor mixed in with gin and lime.
Without a doubt, brunch is the best time to booze it up. For nine delicious options to choose from before your next AM get-together, look no further than this tasty menu.

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