5 Reasons to Have Organic Jaggery This Winter

My favorite memory of winter in Delhi dates way back to when I was a child – about five years old. My Grandmother has asked me to ask my sister to come to join us for breakfast. My eyes soon fell upon our breakfast table, adorned with a delicious plate of Makki ki roti, some jaggery, and a lavish dollop of ghee. I remember drooling just at the sight of it! What’s more, I never made it to my sister’s room, nor did I call her to the breakfast table. In fact, shortly after, my sister caught me unapologetically gobbling up her plate after I was done with mine. 

Could they blame me? 

Even to this day, the earthy fragrance of jaggery takes me back to the days gone by – my childhood. Whether you call it Bellam, Sharkara, Gul, or Gur, organic jaggery is basically the unrefined form of sugar, acquired from raw and concentrated sugarcane juice. Of course, gur can be obtained from several sources, starting from coconut to date palm (nolen gur). However, the one made from sugarcane juice is the most commonly used, brimming with a number of beneficial properties.  

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1. Jaggery cleanses your body!

Here’s a fact – according to research, jaggery consists of antioxidants and minerals that provide it with a cytoprotective quality. This means that it not only helps clear off the mucus of the lungs but also polishes the respiratory and digestive tracts in and out. Detox your body by simply consuming a little bit of jaggery every day!

2. Digest better! 

Do you remember all those times when you were asked to have some jaggery after your meal as a dessert? Ever wondered why? It is because organic jaggery stimulates the bowels. Moreover, it also helps in digestion by releasing digestive enzymes. So, for all those people suffering from digestion or constipation issues, jaggery can help make it better. 

3. Jaggery helps prevent anemia

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 Packed with several minerals such as phosphorus and iron, organic jaggery also assists our bodies in producing hemoglobin. For people who suffer from or are at risk of iron deficiency, having jaggery can actually help prevent conditions like anemia. 

4. Stronger immune system

If what you are eating is rich in nutrients and also helps in detoxifying the body, it sure is absolutely perfect for strengthening your immune system. Considering its antioxidant properties, jaggery is undoubtedly one of the best immune-boosting supplements available. It is also one of the biggest reasons why it’s mostly consumed in the winters – when your body requires an extra dose of immunity-boosting foods in order to keep flu, cold and other diseases at bay. 

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5. Helps shed those extra Kilos!

One of the most fitting alternatives to white sugar, organic jaggery also helps increase your blood glucose levels. It also spares us the risk of obesity or gaining weight. What’s best is, jaggery keeps you satiated, making you feel full for longer. This, in turn, helps in controlling your cravings, especially if you’re on a diet, desperately trying to lose weight! 

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