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6 Benefits Of Fresh Roasted Coffee

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For many coffee enthusiasts, a cup of coffee is more than just that morning brew or grind to kick off their day. For them drinking coffee is a way of life. So, if a good cup of coffee during your morning or afternoon breaks is your thing, don’t settle for anything less. You’ll want something fresh and new each time, recreating that coffee-shop-like aroma right in the comfort of your own home every chance you get.
Once you go for fresh Mystic Monk Coffee, you’ll find that your usual supermarket packet of ground coffee (that’s probably ground years ago) just don’t cut it anymore. It’s bland, dry, and that ‘coffee experience’ is just isn’t there.
When you like your bread to be fresh, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t aim for the same with your coffee as well. When you drink fresh roasted coffee, you’ll get to enjoy so many health benefits, which this article will highlight for you.

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Hence, read on to learn more about fresh roasted coffee, how to choose good ones, and, ultimately, the benefits of switching to fresh roasted coffee.

The Science Behind Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Before proceeding to the benefits, it’s important to start first with the science behind freshly roasted coffee beans. This can help you better understand how coffee works in the way that it does.
First off, when you begin the roasting process, the coffee beans are subjected to high temperatures. This enables the chemical structure of the beans to fall apart. This includes the chemical compounds, natural oils, and even the nutrients they hold. But, this falling apart of their chemical structure is essential as this signifies the beginning of the oxidative process that brings out the best benefits of freshly roasted coffee beans.
Unlike grinding, freshly roasted coffee beans keep in the nutrients they hold.

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Benefits Of Fresh Roasted Coffee

Now that you’ve got insights on the science behind fresh roasted coffee, it’s time to tackle the benefits. That way, you’ll be even more convinced that brewing your own fresh roasted coffee is a good choice.

  1. It’s Good For Your Health

Coffee has a lot of promising health benefits, but only for as long as you drink it in its most natural form. You see, if you depend too much on the commercial, store-bought ones, you may only be indulging yourself with too much sugar. Rather than go this route, you’ll have more control over your coffee when you go for a fresh roasted one, and, then, control your own portions of sugar and milk.
Typically, by choosing to drink fresh roasted coffee, you’ll get to enjoy a tremendous improvement in your overall health. This can be anywhere from weight loss to a longer life.
There are many health-related reasons to take out your morning shot of coffee apart from just giving your taste buds that flavor. These are:

  • It may result in a reduced risk of disease in the arteries.
  • It may improve digestion.
  • It may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  1. It Boasts Of A Rich Flavor And Aroma

Freshly roasted coffee has that edge, flavor-wise, than one that has been already ground for at least 14 days. Drinking coffee should be a flavorful experience, and not one that’s merely packed with sugar.
The best flavor characteristics come right out of roasting. Think of that happy feel you experience when you pass by a coffee shop. The smell of the coffee will immediately lure you into having your own cup as well. It creates a different sense of fullness when you get to smell and taste coffee in its natural sense, without flavor enhancers.

  1. It Improves Your Mood

Coffee perks people up! When you feel sad, there’s no better way to lift up your mood than to have a good cup of coffee.
Coffee has the ability to enhance your brain activity. When this happens, you’re able to release more endorphins, which are essential in putting you in a good mood. When you take in freshly roasted coffee in the morning, it helps you become more productive. Not only that, but your focus and creativity also get a boost.
That said, here are good reasons why coffee makes you more productive and happier:

  • It Increases Energy Levels. Coffee is one of the best picker-uppers. You may know by now that coffee is a stimulant, and that’s precisely because of how the compounds present in coffee work. First off, coffee blocks adenosine, a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for causing drowsiness. When coffee blocks bind to adenosine receptors, the nerve cells are stimulated. In effect, the pituitary gland releases hormones that cause your adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.
  • It Wards Off Depression. As of this writing, depression has become even more real than ever. The pandemic has forced families to be away from each other, many have lost lives prematurely and all too suddenly, and families are also packed with so many more responsibilities than they ever had before. Because of all the emotions and stress that everyone now universally goes through, there’s no denying that depression is being experienced by many people.
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When you take in coffee, you’re giving yourself a good relief from depression. One of the direct effects of this is that dopamine levels are increased. This can help make you happier.

  1. It’s Rich In Antioxidants

Coffee is rich in antioxidants. But, among all other kinds, freshly roasted beans contain some of the most number of antioxidants you can have in a mug. The human body needs these antioxidants to fight the formation of free radicals in the body that cause cancer and other diseases.
Freshly roasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidants that typically fall under two levels:

  • Polyphenols, which are the plant compounds that neutralize the free radicals
  • Hydrocinnamic acids, which are micronutrients that neutralize free radicals to prevent oxidative stress
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After you’ve roasted your beans, you can make your coffee even healthier by adding antioxidant boosters. Rather than adding in too much cream and sweetener, here are other ingredients to boost coffee’s the antioxidant levels:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cacao
  • Ginger
  • Maca
  • Turmeric
  1. It’s Good-Quality Coffee

Surely, you wouldn’t want to take in something that’s inferior in quality. You’ll want to go for one that boasts of optimum quality, which you can get from freshly roasted coffee beans.
If you’re not yet an expert on determining whether or not your roasted beans are good-quality ones, there’s a simple trick you can apply. Put one tablespoon of coffee on top of a glass of iced water. If your coffee stays on top of the water and doesn’t begin to sink after a few minutes, then you’ve got good roasted coffee.
For every sip, your coffee should give you that perfect balance of natural sweetness, bitterness, and acidity.
As to the sweetness, this is one that should come naturally from the coffee beans themselves, with very little to no added sugars at all.
As to the aroma or bitterness, this refers to your perception of the taste and smell of coffee. There are many different fragrances that the coffee can give off, such as smokey, nutty, and fruity.
As to acidity, this refers to the aftertaste of coffee. When it comes to coffee, this doesn’t refer to the sour sensation commonly assumed by people. Rather, it’s a highly desirable trait that can range anywhere from dull to lively.
To come up with good-quality freshly roasted coffee beans, there are three key players: the beans, the roasting process, and a good brewing system. Among these, it’s the roasting process that’s the most important. This is what brings out the characteristic flavor of coffee so that the flavor, density, and color are expanded.

  1. It’s Rich In Caffeine That Boosts Short-Term Memory

Because freshly roasted coffee beans are so pure and natural, this also means that they contain so much of coffee’s caffeine. When you take in caffeine, it hits the areas of the brain that are responsible for concentration and memory. While the duration of this positive effect is yet to be determined, short-term memory is affected positively. This is especially helpful during stressful days when you may feel disoriented or you tend to forget certain things.
In addition to boosting short-term memory, the regular consumption of coffee can prevent cognitive decline, which often comes along with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This works through the caffeine preventing the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque that’s a key player in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s.

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Nowadays, coffee has become a major part of people’s lives. Whether they’re simply having a relaxing day at home or they’re off to a long day in the office, there’s now that increasing dependence on coffee. Even in many offices, there are now shared coffee stations.
You can elevate your coffee experience by going for freshly roasted coffee beans. Once you go this route, you’ll never go back to your store-bought, commercial, sugar-laden ground coffee ever again.

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