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An Introduction to Coffee Types: The Key Differences

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Coffee is undoubtedly the most popular drink globally. With different types of coffee available, not everyone enjoys or prefers the same drink. While some individuals love more traditional coffee drinks, others prefer those available at shops and stores. Coffee drinks vary depending on different factors, including coffee production processes, types of coffee beans, taste, and country or region where it’s grown.

It’s no secret that two types of coffee drinks are popular globally: instant and ground. While they are all popular, they differ in terms of production processing and taste. So what are they?

Instant coffee is also known as soluble coffee. It includes dried coffee extracts obtained by brewing regular coffee beans at more concentrated levels. Water is removed once the coffee is brewed, resulting in dry fragments or coffee powder. This type of coffee is easy to prepare as you long as you obtain it from the leading instant coffee provider.

Ground coffee includes ground coffee beans. As a result, it is what brewed coffee is made from. Preparing ground coffee requires you to add water, allow it to steep, and then strain and drink. Two types are available, including fresh ground and pre-ground coffee.

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Keep reading to discover more, including the coffee production processes, brewing methods, and tips for preparing.

Coffee Production Process

As already mentioned in the introduction, one of the key differences between ground and instant coffee is the preparation process. Here are more details about ground coffee and instant coffee production processes.

Coffee Bean Roasting Process for Ground Coffee

Coffee roasting involves converting raw, green coffee beans to dark brown beans, which can be used in different ways, from espresso machine to drip coffee. The roasting process not only “cooks” the coffee beans but also changes their form and character. Raw coffee beans don’t have the deep aromatic characteristics as their roasted counterparts.

The coffee bean roasting process for ground coffee features three main stages; drying, roasting and cooling. And manufacturers have three types of roasting coffee to pick from, which are medium, dark and light. The stages that roasted and cooled coffee beans go through are grinding, extraction, drying, concentration, and repatriation.

Manufacturing Process for Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is derived from brewed coffee beans. The main manufacturing objective is to provide users with instant coffee that tastes like freshly brewed coffee. With modern manufacturing techniques, there is no need to add the carbohydrate component.

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The most popular manufacturing process has several steps, which include hydrolysis and extraction, filtration and concentration, dehydration (spray drying, freeze drying, and aromatization), agglomeration, and packaging. Consumers can then purchase their instant coffee and enjoy it.

Brewing Methods

Coffee is more than just a drink. It is also an art form! Several ways are available to brew the perfect coffee cup you always dream of. Each method provides a unique taste and experience. The most popular methods to brew ground coffee include French press, espresso, classic drip, and pour-over.

Instant coffee isn’t just for the sleep-deprived or lazy. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can craft a satisfying, delicious cup of instant coffee. Some of the most popular instant coffee brewing methods include hot water, cold brewed, French press, and Aeropress method.

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One major advantage that instant coffee offers is convenience. You can have your coffee ready within a minute with an instant coffee powder scoop and a glass of hot water. This is perfect for those chaotic mornings when you rush to work or travel. Also, you don’t need a coffee machine. Some proven tips for preparing good-tasting instant coffee are:

• Don’t boil your water too much – it’ll make your cup of coffee taste bitter.

• Use fresh filtered water that doesn’t have any chemicals or weird-tasting minerals.

• Go with freeze-dried instant coffee for an excellent experience.

How Can Finlays Help With Different Coffee Types?

Finlays provides coffee enthusiasts with different types of coffee, including instant and ground. The brand supplies coffee from different origins, certifications, and blends. As an instant coffee provider, Finlays has deep roots worldwide and much-needed expertise and experience in offering the best beverages. It’s dedicated to providing beverage consumers with the best from bush to cup.

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