7 Guidelines For Serving Alcohol During Holiday Gatherings

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Company events are an important way to foster a sense of team spirit, boost morale, and generate goodwill toward the company. But, they can also be a danger if alcohol is served incorrectly. Employees may drink too much, which creates legal risks for the company, including accidents, injuries, or even death. In such unfortunate cases, you can find expert legal assistance at Hiring a well-experienced lawyer, such as Manchester Solicitors, would be a great help for you.

For the safety of guests and your company, it is best to serve no alcohol at your holiday party or any other work-sponsored event where employees gather. But, if you must serve it to minimize liability, use these tips to ensure your business has a safe and happy holiday season!

Hire a licensed, well-qualified caterer

When planning a big company event or even a family gathering, there’s nothing like hiring a professional caterer to ensure everything goes smoothly. They’ll source ingredients, prepare food for the event, transport it to the venue, present it, and clean it up afterward. If you will serve alcohol, servers must have Responsible Beverage Service or RBS Certification.

Caterers know how many people to serve, so they can buy only what they need and reduce waste. They’ll also learn how many staff to hire, which will cut down on the total cost of the event.

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In addition, all caterers must obtain a permit to operate in their area. This usually requires a visit to the local health office and a fee of $75 or more.

Offer non-alcoholic alternatives

While many event, catering, and hospitality companies will opt to serve alcoholic beverages at their company events, it is important to offer non-alcoholic alternatives. Not only is it better for employees to avoid alcohol consumption, but it also helps reduce liability for the company.

Non-alcoholic options can include mocktails, smoothies, and low-alcohol content drinks. They are inexpensive and go well with food. Moreover, they are more nutritious and help promote healthy eating habits.

Serve food more than snacks

The holidays can be a time to enjoy the company of family and friends. They can also be a time for indulgent food and drink, though it is important to be mindful of the amount you consume.

One of the best ways to keep a holiday meal or party healthy is to serve foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. In particular, doing fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains can be a good idea. The right mix of these foods can provide your body with everything it needs to stay healthy and fit during this festive season.

Hire a security service

Whether you’re hosting a company party or a religious event, it is important to hire a security service. These professionals will keep the event safe and minimize any potential liability issues.

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They will do entry or pre-admission checking and accompany authorized staff and guests. They will also observe on-premises security cameras, patrol parking lots, and manage intoxicated individuals.

Promote safe transportation

Holiday gatherings are often a time for employees to unwind and celebrate their achievements. But they can also put your company at risk if alcohol is served and employees leave drunk.

That’s why it’s important to promote safe transportation for your holiday gathering to avoid any car accidents.

The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that alcohol-impaired driving led to more than 10,100 car crash deaths in 2019.

You can minimize this risk by ensuring everyone has the plan to get home safely after your event. That means enlisting designated drivers or shuttling people home from hotels or homes via chauffeured ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft. Uber Injury has personal injury lawyers that specializes in ride sharing accidents.

Check for minors

Serving alcohol to a minor is illegal, and it is your responsibility to check the IDs of all guests at your event. Failure to do so can result in fines, license revocation, and other legal penalties.

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A good way to do this is by using reliable ID scanners. These devices can help detect most fake IDs, saving you time, money, and your license.

Police and other law enforcement agencies routinely organize undercover stings to catch retailers who serve alcohol to minors. They often send in decoys who are a day or so shy of the legal age and look much older than they are.

Limit the Number of Drinks

You can limit the number of drinks served by hiring professionally trained bartenders. Rather than having bartenders circulating through the party and serving themselves as they please, hire a single professional who can keep an eye on all guests who may appear intoxicated. Ask the bartenders to hand out tickets that limit each guest’s amount of alcoholic beverages and ensure plenty of non-alcoholic options are available. If people must have alcohol, offer them a glass of water between their alcoholic beverages.

During company events, employers must communicate their policies about alcohol use, including the fact that employees must drink responsibly. It’s also vital to provide employees with a copy of the policy before the event, so they know their responsibilities.

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