7 Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2021

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When choosing a career path, there are plenty of things one should consider – from working hours and terms of employment to the competitiveness of the labor market and demands for candidates.
Yet, there is always this one thing that most job seekers are concerned about the most. And it is salary. And when you’re looking for a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash, or you want to build a sustainable online business, then check out the best paying jobs in energy here for more info!

Each of us dreams about having a good, stable, and high-paying profession. This is natural. So, when it comes to making this big choice, it is vital that you have a clear understanding of how much you can make doing a specific job in a certain area. And, we are here to help you uncover it.

If you are choosing a career yourself or are just wondering how much people are making in the Golden State, you’ve come to the right place!


What Does the Job Market in California Look Like?

A state that is well known for Hollywood, Coachella, developed surf culture, and Silicon Valley can surprise you with a wide variety of available career opportunities. For decades, California has been one of the most popular destinations for people hoping to live their American dream. And, while many are concerned that there is nothing to do here unless you are an actor or a surgeon, the real situation in the local job market is very different from what you can imagine.

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Over the past years, there has been a major shift towards careers in health care. According to CNBC, this trend is likely to stay there for the next decade, causing the median pay for jobs in this sector to skyrocket. And the first signs of this were already seen in 2021, which we discuss below.
As for 2021, the unemployment rate in this state reached up to 7.6%, which is rather high compared to the national average – 5.2%. That is, landing a job in this state can be a challenge. You can find help at SkillHub and outdo the competition without a hassle. So, in case you will need assistance with writing a resume that wins jobs, it is never a bad idea to ask for the help of an online resume writer. And, if you are still unsure what career you even want to choose, let’s now look at the list of the seven most well-paid jobs of 2021 in California. Let’s dive in!


Average annual salary: $245,000

Entry-level annual salary: $114,790
This may surprise some of you, but the highest paying job in the state of California is a psychiatrist. According to stats, out of over 39 million people, there are only 3,970 psychiatrists working in this state. Therefore, the competition is rather manageable. At the same time, the demand for such specialists is high.

Gynecologists and Obstetricians

Average annual salary: $235,610

Entry-level annual salary: $124,380
Next on our list come obstetricians and gynecologists. The average pay for specialists in these career fields is also very solid. And, just like it is with psychiatrists, there is a huge lack of these professionals in California.

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Average annual salary: $229,430

Entry-level annual salary: $98,540
When someone speaks about California, surgery is one of those subconscious associations people make. Indeed, the rate of plastic and other types of surgeries is rather high in this area, which perfectly explains the high demand for such specialists and their high pay.
However, note that this point does not include ophthalmologists. The pay range for these professionals is slightly different from surgeons who specialize in other areas.

Pilots and Flight Engineers

Average annual salary: $229,110

Entry-level annual salary: $100,510
Given the well-developed air traffic and the high level of responsibility implied by both of these positions, it becomes clear why flight engineers and pilots are also among the top well-paid specialists in this state. Both of those professions can get a rather high income. But, it is worth saying that landing such a position is also not that easy. It takes years of studying and many hours of practice to become a good specialist.

Physicians and Ophthalmologists

Average annual salary: $226,200

Entry-level annual salary: $79,010
As was already mentioned, the careers in health care are skyrocketing, in fact, not only in California but in the entire country. So, don’t be surprised to see physicians and ophthalmologists make it to the top 5 highest paying professional fields. Of course, the entry-level pay isn’t very impressive. But, the state’s average compensation that one can reach after several years of hard and dedicated work sounds pretty good.

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Chief Executives

Average annual salary: $218,700

Entry-level annual salary: $88,330
Now, this next point on our list shouldn’t be surprising. We all know that CEOs can make good money. What is more, we also know that there are many large corporations as well as lots of small businesses headquartered in California. So, there is no wonder why the position of the chief executive not only pays well but is also in high demand.

Family Medicine Physicians

Average annual salary: $215,860

Entry-level annual salary: $63,300
The last one on our list, but also with rather high pay is the job of a family medicine physician. The salary typically offered to entry-level specialists is very modest. However, if we look at the state’s average, the numbers look much better.


The Bottom Line

While most of us believe that California is for the rich and famous, this state really has something to offer to everyone. According to the stats from 2021, the list of the highest-paying jobs in this state can surprise you, as you will not find producers, actors, and other associations you may have at the top of that list.
So, now you know about the best career opportunities there are. Hopefully, this will be helpful for your own choice of the right career path. After all, now you know your options and won’t have to settle for less.

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