7 Tips For Choosing Portable Food Containers

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Food containers have been a part of your daily life. You use it more than you use the silverware that was gifted on your wedding day. A food container is a necessity and not an accessory in the pantry.  

You use it to store leftover food, pack your kid’s and husband’s lunches, pack your picnic essentials, or any food you want to bring anywhere you’re going. And the orderly person in you uses it to organize your refrigerator.  

When going out for a shopping run and you’re on the aisle of food containers, it’s such a big question mark what to buy. To help you out, here are some tips for choosing portable food containers:

  • Choose Plastic Containers That Are BPA Free

BPA is Bisphenol A, a chemical used in plastic manufacturing that’s found to be endocrine-disrupting or disrupts one’s hormonal balance. Exposure to this harmful chemical has been proven to cause around 80 diseases, including cancer, obesity, reproductive disorders, and testicular cancer. 

The most vulnerable sector of society with higher danger rates in exposure are the unborn and young children since their hormone system is still developing. That’s why parents must check feeding bottles if they’re BPA-free.

  • Pick Containers That Are Airtight
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There’s nothing more irritating than having your food mess up the inside of your bag because of containers with lids that are not airtight. You have a messed-up bag and a messed-up lunch. What could be luckier?

Airtight containers will ensure that there will be no spillage of any sauce, salad dressing, or oils from your packed lunch. 

If using containers to store food, airtight lids will keep bacteria out and keep the fresh food longer; it will also prevent mold growth since moisture will not seep in. 

Another benefit of airtight containers is that they prevent food odors from wafting throughout your refrigerator and affecting other food items. 

  • Choose A Container That Doubles As A Food Server

Nothing spells ease and convenience than food containers that can be used as food servers. You look forward to Taco Tuesdays but dread the idea of tidying up after the feast. There’s just so much stuff to put out. But good thing there’s a serving centre and platter available now. The round platter with deep round divisions is perfect for serving the ingredients for your Taco feast. The platter has a large serving center and six divisions, perfect for salsa, cheese, onions, beef, guacamole, and lettuce. 

  • Pick A Container That Doubles As A Cooking Receptacle
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There will be times you would try hard to wake up to the sound of your alarm, but there are days you’ll hit the snooze button as many times as you can, leaving you with just a few minutes to spare to make your breakfast and lots of regrets. The Tupperware omelette maker is a handy quick cooker that will help you prepare not just omelets but even your oatmeal, french toast, and breakfast sandwiches sans the oil and fat thus ensuring you stick to your healthy meal plan.

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  • Choose A Container That Is Dishwasher Safe

Check the bottom of the container for words ‘dishwasher safe’ or the symbol equivalent for it, a square box containing plates or glasses with water drop lines. You’ll thank yourself for it. Popping the container in the dishwasher and letting the machine do its job is convenient, giving you more time to do other important stuff. 

  • Pick Containers With Similar Shape
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You don’t see the relevance now, but when you’re faced with the dilemma of organizing your pantry with containers that are in various shapes, you’ll end up scratching your head and skipping the thought of organizing altogether. Similar-sized containers will stack easily, making for easy organization. You’ll be done organizing in no time!

  • Choose Containers That Are Oven Safe

The ease of storing food where you cooked them should never be underestimated. Imagine, that’s fewer dishes to wash and faster tidying up. You’ll have to pop the lid and put it in the refrigerator, and you’re done! Oven-safe containers are often made of borosilicate glass and have rubberized covers. 

You can cook casseroles and won’t have a problem keeping leftovers for the next day with oven-safe containers. 


Choosing the best portable food containers that you will need is a crucial decision for a homemaker.  It’s something that you use on almost a daily basis. The best portable food containers will give you convenience, ease, and will save you time so you can focus on taking care of your family.

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