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How to make sous vide burgers

At least 5% of professional chefs suggest that sous vide burgers are the trickiest to cook. They need you to be keen to details. Worse, a normal food vacuum doesn’t work for them. Thus, you will need to be extra creative and find another mechanism to get the air out. 

Fortunately, we have made everything more straightforward for you! We have discussed one of the simplest recipes for sous vide burgers and some tips to promise a good looking and tastier burgers. Lets dive into it!

Sous vide burgers recipe

Step 1: Grid the met

The inner layer of sous vide burgers consists of finely ground meat. Use your grind to measure the right amount of beef and grind it finely. Typically, sous vide burgers require large amounts of meat, approximately six to eight ounces. 

Step 2: Shape and adjust the size

After grinding the meat, shape them to almost a circular shape while tossing it against your palms. Then, compare its size with the buns and ensure that it is not smaller than the buns. Ideally, the patties should be half an inch wider than the buns. However, if you find it hard to make the patties all by yourself, you can purchase the best burger press for making the patties. Its main advantage is that it makes burgers that are of consistent shape, size, and weight. 

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Step 3: Season the burgers

Most people use different spices to make their burgers tastier, but salt and pepper are a must-have for delicious sous vide burgers.

Step 4: Seal the beef

Sous vide beef patties should not contain any air at all. To remove the air, place the meat in a plastic zipper bag. Close the zippers of the pack but leave a small space on the corner of the zipper. Now put this package in water slowly while pressing the food to squeeze out the air. When your food is almost submerged, close the zipper entirely and leave it in the water. 

Step 5: Remove the burger from the water

If you place a wet burger on a pan, most of the heat will be used to evaporate the moisture, resulting in poor absorption of the juice. Hence, it would be wise to remove the moisture first before searing. How? Take the beef from the water, wrap it in a clean kitchen towel, and leave it for some minutes. The waiting time should be 10 to 60 minutes

Step 6: Preheat skillet

Coat the skillet with one tablespoon of cooking oil and then preheat it until the oil starts to be slightly smoky. 

Step 7: Add the burgers

When the oil is slightly smoky, add the burger patties. Then add butter to blacken the char, which quickens the darkening of the crust for a good-looking appearance. Swirl the butter carefully and cook it for a minute.

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Step 8: Flip

When the bottom side is wholly darkened to the desired level, flip the burger and let the top side cook

Step 9: Add cheese

If you love your burgers with cheese, you can add some after flipping the burgers

Step 10: Sear on the grill (optional)

Some people may prefer to sear the burger on a hot grill for a dark brown color and crusty appearance. If that is you, place the burger directly on a hot grill and cook it until you achieve the dark and crusty look before flipping to the other side. However, you should ensure that the grill fumes do not get into the burgers.

Step 11: Serve

You are almost done! Transfer the burgers to their appropriate buns and serve them while hot for the best taste. 

How to prepare tastier and good-looking sous-vide burgers?

To achieve the most delicious and god looking burgers, you need to be careful on some things such as:

  • Burger size

The sous vide patties should weigh 6 to eight ounces. Also, the patties diameter should be an inch larger than the buns

  • Avoid over-handling the patties

Over pressing the patties while forming the shape makes them dense, which is not good for the burgers. Simply, do not overhandle the patties while making any burger.

  • Seasonings
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If you have been in the kitchen for some time, you already know that seasonings greatly determine the taste of the food. You are free to add the seasoning that you like to your burger. However, all the spices should be added on the outside. 

  • Bagging

Funny enough, vacuum sealing doesn’t go well with burgers. Consequently, you should use a different mechanism to remove the air. For instance, you can place the burgers in a zipper-lock bag and dip them in the water while pressing out the air.

  • Timing 

Most chefs agree that the ideal cooking time for sous vide burgers is 40 to 45 minutes. There wouldn’t be significant harm in overcooking them, although it may destroy the nutrients.



Preparing sous-vide burgers requires you to be keen on details. For instance, you should cook at the right temperature; give it sufficient restring, among other things. We have already given you one of the most straightforward recipes for making sous vide burgers, and as a bonus, we have discussed some of the tips that will help make the burgers delicious.

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