7 tips in choosing the freshest fish on the market

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This week I decided to include more fish in my weekly menu. Fish recipes are really delicious and have a lot of health benefits such as the incorporation of omega 3, potassium and magnesium.

But what is my problem? I don’t know how to choose the best and fresh fish meat to cook. So I did a lot of research on the web before making my final decision and I want to share with you the conclusions I reached. Do not miss these tips to buy fresh fish. Let’s go with the first one!

1. Ask and ask

It seems silly but it is essential. A trade specialized in fisheries with a good reputation and informed employees is the first advice to consider. This way you will have less chance of buying a fish in poor condition or bad advice. Lose your fear of asking. That’s your biggest weapon to choose the best!

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2. Observe all the fishes

Something we usually do is look only at the part of the meat that is in sight. The best thing to know if it is a fresh fish is to observe it completely. The flesh must be firm and tense; If you press, it should immediately return to its place. Fixed scales and shiny skin are also important indicators of freshness.

3. Be flexible

If you do not find the fish you are looking for, choose another. Never buy a fish in disrepair for the simple fact of being the one required by the fish recipe. It is better to substitute the ingredient and select another variety rather than ruin your plate with a fish without freshness.

4. The smell says it all

Unlike what is believed, fresh fish has no bad smell. Pay attention! Saltwater fish have a brackish aroma, fresh sea, nothing strong. On the other hand, freshwater fish should smell like a clean pond. If you feel strong and / or unpleasant odors, get out of there without buying anything.

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5. The eyes are the greatest indicator of freshness

If you want to choose the freshest fish look at their eyes. They should be clear, bright and a little bulging. If they are turned off, cloudy and half gray, it means that your best moment has passed.

Fish market
Fish market

6. Look at the gills carefully

These must be cherry red. The old fish loses that strong-colored dye and the gills are somewhat brown or brick-colored. If you observe these signs, buy somewhere else.

7. Avoid packaging with liquids

If instead of buying fresh fish, you choose packaged meat, make sure that it does not contain any milky liquid in the tray.That is a sign of rot! How much it can contain clear liquid but if it is viscous and white definitely do not buy it because it means that it has been there more days than recommended.

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Now that you know some tips for choosing the best fish meat, you have no excuse not to try it all week. I hope these tips help you improve your purchases and choose the highest quality products.

Take them into account every time you prepare your recipes with fish and you will not regret the results. And you, do you have any secret to choose fresh fish? Share it!

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