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7 Ways to Make Your Coffee Better for You

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Among the many popular beverages around the world, coffee is one of them. It has antioxidants, and you can enjoy it in many healthier ways. But, coffee can affect your way of life if you do not know how it should work for you. It can be through taking too much, drinking it in the evening, and using add-ins that have no benefit to your health. For this reason, you need to find out ways on how you can make your coffee healthier. Below are some helpful ways.

1. Avoid loading your coffee with sugar

Adding sugar to your coffee is the first way to turn it into something harmful. Added sugar is the worst ingredient that the modern diet has embraced. It is high in fructose and has links to diseases such as diabetes and obesity. If you feel you will always need a sweetener and you want to stay away from sugar. Research everything you need to know about monk fruit and stevia, among other healthy sweeteners to use instead of sugar.

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2. Keep off coffee after 2 pm’

Coffee is a rich natural source of caffeine in the diet. Caffeine gives you a jolt of energy, thus why coffee is so popular. However, drinking it late in the day interferes with the quality and quantity of sleep you get. Plus, poor sleep has many sorts of health issues. Therefore, it is best to avoid drinking coffee in the late afternoon or opt for tea if you must, as it has less caffeine. To make coffee better for you and sleep better, avoid drinking coffee late in the day.

3. Brew using paper filters

Brewed coffee has cafestol that causes cholesterol levels in the blood to go high. But, you can reduce the levels of cafestol by using a paper filter. Not only does it lower the levels of cafestol, but it lets the beneficial antioxidants pass through. Therefore, use paper filters to ensure the cup of coffee you enjoy is a healthy one.

4. Avoid drinking too much

Drinking moderate coffee is healthy, but drinking too much reduces its overall benefits. Consuming too much caffeine has adverse effects, but it varies with other people. Remember, if you are drinking a lot of coffee, it means you are getting too much caffeine. And if you still drink other different coffee drinks daily, the amount of caffeine you consume is a lot in a day. So, always listen to your body and drink what you can tolerate individually.

5. Choose an organic brand

It is always preferable to drink organic coffee. Depending on how the coffee beans are grown and the processing method, the quality of coffee can vary a lot. Today, they will spray coffee beans with synthetic pesticides and other chemicals that are not fit for human consumption. But the research on this is controversial. Thus, if you worry about having any pesticides on your coffee, buy organic coffee beans or you can buy organic ingredients coffee substitute from This coffee alternative is not only delicious, but it also helped you cut off the cravings for morning coffee (and completely removes caffeine) while enjoying a morning.

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6. Add cinnamon spice

Cinnamon is a spice that mixes well with coffee. It lowers cholesterol, blood glucose, and triglycerides in diabetic patients. Therefore, if you want to give your cup of coffee flavor, add a dash of cinnamon for a surprisingly good and tasty experience. Choose Ceylon cinnamon to Cassia cinnamon to lower the risk of adverse effects. Other spices you add to your coffee are salt, cloves, cardamom, among others.

7. Add some cocoa to your coffee

Cocoa helps reduce the risk of heart disease and has antioxidants. For some added flavor, add a dash of cocoa powder to your coffee. Caffe Mocha is a chocolate version of the caffe latte, and you can get it in many coffee houses. But, the restaurant one is mostly sugar-sweetened. Therefore, it is best to make yours at home, for you can stay away from the added sugar.
Finally, try some of the ways above to improve the health benefits of your cup of coffee. And make it better for you. More importantly, avoid added sugar and artificial flavors. Also, ensure your coffee drinking habits do not affect your sleep at night by having your last cup before 2 pm.

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