8 Healthy Meal Prep Tips for Busy People

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Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice but requires patience, time, and persistence. Healthy choices mean selecting better food options and avoiding processed food or snacks. This way of life often requires cooking at home, where you know what goes into the dish and how nutritious it is.

However, if you are already tied up in a lot of work, cooking at home can be burdensome. Does this mean you cannot eat healthy if you are always working? No, you can still opt for healthier options and make homemade dishes through clever meal prep such as the ones being provided by the meal preparation Oklahoma City. Efficient meal prep requires a preplanned menu based on your health requirements. The technique is to prepare segments of your meal or the whole meal in advance which you can heat or cook during the week. It allows you to have pre-portioned or pre-cooked foods that you can easily open and eat when you don’t have the time to stand in front of the stove. It saves time and money as you can use everything you make one way or another.

Thus, if you wish to eat healthily but are often buried in work, here are eight meal prep tips. 

1. Try Meal Kits:

If you have a busy schedule, there is no time to prepare a meal spontaneously. Therefore, you need to preplan your meals and shop accordingly. Try to picture which type of food you wish to eat and what ingredients would go into it. Search for recipes that suit you and jot down the necessary ingredients. However, if you are too busy and cannot fret over ingredients and recipes, try alternatives like meal kits.

Meal kits provide pre-portioned ingredients along with the necessary recipes that you can use for meal prepping. These recipes are not only simple but also healthy. All you have to do is find a suitable delivery service through get your pre-measured vegetables and meat delivered to your doorstep.

2. Start small:

No matter how motivated you feel, begin with baby steps. Take your time understanding and planning this new lifestyle until you can adjust to the new processes instead of stressing yourself which in case it happens, we recommend using the new delta 8 gummies.

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Meal prepping can be overwhelming, especially if you have a packed schedule. It requires some work to plan, organize, portion out, and pre-prep meals. If you do not start slow, you might become tired and lose all your motivation in the first week. Therefore, it is essential to go slow and take your time preparing meals. Try to meal prep one or two meals per week on your days off. Later on, as you become comfortable, you can increase the time you invest in meal prep. 

3. Opt for healthy snacks:

If you are feeling hungry but are not in the mood for complete meal prep, choose to make a healthy snack. Preparing a snack is an effortless way to use minimal effort to produce a meal.  It does not require lengthy preparation, cooking, or cleaning.

You can make snacks by slicing fruits and mixing them with Greek yogurt. In addition, you can prepare effortless snacks by combining numerous nuts and dry fruits with honey. Similarly, muesli and oats are the perfect fulfilling snacks that are yummy and healthy at the same time. Hence, with a few dips, fruits, and vegetables, you can make the snack of your choice without worrying about it being unhealthy. 

4. Keep your pantry full:

Constant trips to the grocery store can be annoying and tiresome, which is why meal preparation can become so difficult, especially if you get off late from work. Thinking of what you need, locating the ingredients, and waiting in lines at the grocery stores can take up much of your precious time. In addition, shopping on an empty stomach can result in unhealthy impulsive purchases that result in money wastage. Thus, it is essential to stock up your pantry to save time and money.

Staple foods like rice, beans, pasta, and grains can be easily incorporated into any dish and require the least amount of meal prep. These foods are a must-have ingredient in almost any recipe and contain essential nutrients like proteins and carbohydrates that boost energy. You can also add special sauces and preferred spice mixes to your staple grocery list. A pantry packed with all the staple foods will save time in cooking and provide a healthy meal. And if you are craving for sauces like chimichurri, make sure to stock up on these and get some from a reliable Chimichurri wholesale supplier.

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5. Fill up your freezer:

Leftovers are perfect for busy people. They are homemade, healthy, require no preparation, and are something you enjoy. Therefore, once you are meal prepping for a dish, try to make extra, so you have leftovers.

You can store these leftovers in the freezer for busy days. Later on, when you wish to eat any of these frozen meals, you can defrost the meal, heat it, and in no time, you will have a full meal.

However, you must freeze your food accurately to maintain its nutrition and condition. Try to label your frozen foods and give them proper time to defrost before you dig into them.

6. Utilize the slow cooker:

A slow cooker is your best friend if you have a jam-packed schedule. It allows you to throw in whatever you like to eat and leave it there to cook as you go about your business. Thus, it takes away the burden of cooking the meal off your shoulders.

Slow cookers or instant pots are kitchen appliances that cook at a low temperature for a prolonged period. This process allows you to cook meat, beans, stews, and casseroles in the slow cooker. In addition, these crock pots have a large capacity, and you can cook extra to store for later. As slow cookers take extra time to cook the meal, they enhance the flavor and reduce the chances of any contamination.

7. Have condiments, spices, and sauces on hand:

No dish is complete without a dash of spice. Spices enhance the flavor and look of your dish, and various studies prove they are beneficial for your health. They possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can keep your body healthy inside out.

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Try to stock up on your favorite spices and herbs. Add them to any dish as you please and enhance the flavors. Similarly, if you have some condiments, sauces, and dressings, you can use them to complement any meal, especially if you want to add additional flavor to your leftovers or to give an additional oomph to your salads. 

8. Stay Organized:

Staying organized is the key to efficient meal prep. Organizing your ingredients not only makes it easier to start the process of preparing a meal but also saves time. Additionally, if any one of the ingredients deteriorates in integrity and you begin to see signs of mold, then discard the old food.

Get stackable containers that are easy to store and label them with the help of a pen and tape. Chop up all your vegetables and store them in separate containers. Similarly, you can stock your meals in containers according to portion size, so you can easily take one out and eat it. You can also make containers containing ingredients for a particular dish that you can use when you cook that recipe. 



Being busy shouldn’t be an excuse to make unhealthy choices. A meal should be nutritious and full of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain its vigor. Colorful juicy fruits, fresh crisp vegetables, wholesome grains and healthy proteins served with the flavor and aromas of subtle spices make up a complete meal. Quick, grab-and-go meals rarely fulfill the criteria of a well-rounded meal let alone a meal that satisfies all the human senses.  The effort to incorporate healthier options into your life may seem laborious at first, especially meal prep requirements. However, once you start using meal prep techniques, it will save tons of time and keep you active and healthy.

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