9 Best Canned Meats for Preppers

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Maintaining a proper protein intake is pivotal for your body’s optimal health and functioning. And it’s not always possible to cook a protein-licious diet from scratch. So, here comes the age-old question: ‘How do I consume enough protein?’ 

Some preppers will go by raising livestock while others via stock canned meat to survive this pandemic hour. Interestingly, canned meat is one such alternative that offers a whole meal and with less preparing time. 

Shelf-stable protein alternatives are needed in every household. There are many variants available in the market; some taste good, some don’t. To save you from unsavory meals, here are the nine best-canned meat options to satiate your body’s protein requirement. 

Tips to Prepare Delicious Canned Meats for Preppers 

Meat and beans 

Having a protein-rich diet can help the body to function properly. If you are in a rush and have no spare time to cook a meal from scratch, then canned meats and beans can be your go-to lunch or dinner. It has enough protein and other essential vitamins to keep you full and active all day long. 

Corned Beef Hash

Who doesn’t like potatoes coupled with beef? This is a personal favorite and a one-stop meal. It offers enough energy for an adult and is packed with protein. Plus, it is seasoned nicely to provide the taste of beef hash. So, if you are in love with beef and potato, this can be one of your favorite meals.

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This is a well-known canned product that offers a protein-rich diet without much effort. Plus, it can be consumed right out of the can. In addition, it contains a variety of protein sources and is considerably cheaper than other canned meat options. So, if you love going on off-track hiking, pack up some spam cans and forget about unhealthy diet plans while you are on the road. 

Chicken breast

Chicken breasts are an optimal protein source that is versatile and even tastes amazing. However, some canned chicken breasts are a bit on the weary side. So, get canned chicken breast that has added spices and oils to make it aromatic and soft. If you love rice, keep it on the side and enjoy.


Whether you love tuna in oil or water, it is important to stock this protein essential. A can of tuna is small, so you can always keep more of it. Plus, it is a versatile food option or goes well with every course and even tastes fresh. 

Tuna has many health benefits as it is a lean fish with an abundance of omega-3 fatty acid that is important to maintain good health. If you don’t like the regular tuna version, switch for sweet & spicy or lemon pepper.

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Beef stew

If you love a complete meal every time, beef stew is your perfect companion. All cultures have stew, but the American version is usually derived from French culture. Beef stew is a dish with local ingredients, so the deviation is standard. 

The most common ingredients are pearl onions, thyme, rosemary, mushroom, carrots, etc. Moreover, everything that you will need for maintaining a good Body Mass Index. Keep few cans in stock if you have a teenager growing up; a whole beef stew can serve more energy than a regular meal.

Beef tamales with sauce

This will add variety to your meat stock. Beef tamale with sauce comes with a lot of spices, good to create a savory main course. This can be an everyday staple at your place, as it offers everything in a canned form. Warm it up and your meal is ready.

The nutritional value includes 10 grams of protein per serving, which will serve the protein needed for a single course. Although, traditionally, making tamales is time-intensive, canned one makes it a readily accessible item. You can add more protein with a poached egg and avocado salsa.

Vienna sausages

Vienna sausages are thin half-boiled sausages made up of pork and beef in a sheep intestine case, topped with low-intensity smoking for the earthy flavor. The shelf-life of these sausages extends up to five years, which means you can easily use stock without worrying about its expiration.

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You can easily cook them to get a crispy outer, fry them on a skillet or make a Vienna sausage blanket. They are easy to make appetizers to serve guests or children. 

Canned pork

Canned pork is one such item on your shelf that usually makes its way to your dinner table. As an entree and appetizer, canned pork is better than everything else. As the meat is partially cooked, the original cooking time recedes eventually. Pork is a good source of iron and protein, so giving this a shot will be worth it.

You can make pork burrito or barbeque pork sandwiches; both are easy to make and complement the pork well. 


An easy-to-cook meat alternative is a staple for every household. The above-mentioned canned meat products are not only convenient but also add nutritional value to your diet. What you can do is try an additive free canned meat variety pack and see what you prefer, as well as note how easy it is to prepare a full course meal in a shorter time frame.

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