9 Tips on How to Care For Your Rice Cooker

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The safety and proper maintenance of the rice cooker are important as it is an essential kitchen appliance in our busy lifestyle. You can have better and longer service through proper maintenance.  So, today here we are with 9 tips on how to care for your rice cooker. You would able to maximize the benefits of your rice cooker by following the recommendations. 

9 Tips on How to Care For Your Rice Cooker

Here are nine recommendations for taking care of your rice cooker. 

Read User Manual

Each rice cooker comes with a user manual. Whether you are using a rice cooker for the first time or not, always try to read the manual. There is a lot of necessary information on it. Rice cooker instructions may vary on several things. You can get it by going through the manual. It is better to read the manual to avoid any unwanted situation while you are operating it.

Do not Warm Up for a Long Time

There is no specific duration mentioned that you could keep warming up your rice cooker for maximum. But it is not good for any rice cooker to remain warm all day long. If you are using a modern rice cooker, there may not be that much problem. But old model rice cookers have some issues. The coating of the inner pot may get damaged due to a longer period of heating regularly. We would not recommend keeping warming up your rice cooker for more than five hours.

Avoid Using Sharp Object to Clean

Any food residue may stick on the surface of the pot. Harsh residue can create a spot on the surface. It would be best if you were careful in cleaning such residues. Do not use any sharp thing to clean the rice cooker. Try to use only cleaning agents that are suitable for your rice cooker. Using any sharp object can damage the pan’s inner coating and to the glass lid. You can use Stainless Steel Rice Cooker for better sustainability.

Do not Wash Rice in the Inner Pot

You may get used to washing rice inside the inner pot of your rice cooker. But it is not a wise thing to do, especially when your rice cooker does not have any warranty. In case of a warranty, you would get a replacement if any damage occurs on your rice cooker. But if no warranty, the damage is not recoverable. Washing rice inside the inner pot can cause damage to the coating. The polish may disappear soon. So, it would help if you did not take the risk.

Cook an Adequate Amount of Rice

Sometimes you may need a small amount of rice to cook. May be half of a cup only. But it is recommended to cook sufficient rice in a rice cooker as per its capacity. If the cooker can cook five cups of rice, try not to cook less than one cup. In the case of ten cups capacity, cook at least two cups of rice. You can get effective performance from the rice cooker through following it. It also helps the condition of the rice cooker to remain good by getting maximum fulfillers.

Use Rice Spatula

There is a rice spatula inside the box of a rice cooker. You can use it to scrape the rice out of the pans and pots. You do not have to use any metal or wooden thing to scrape rice as this kind of material may damage your inner pot’s coating. If your rice spatula gets old or you lost it, then purchase a new one. You can find it at your nearby shop at a low price.

Do not Re-cook Rice

It is an as usual to do in many families. They re-cook the cooked rice on the rice cooker by adding some level of water. You should not do it as a rice cooker is not suitable for re-cooking in such a way. The balance of such ingredients may reduce the working capacity of your rice cooker. What you can do is, keep the rice on the fridge to store and heat it in the microwave when you need to consume it.

Do not Use Wet Pot in the Cooker

We have already told above not to wash the rice in the inner pot. Some people may wash the rice in another bowl and then keep it in the inner pot. But when you do it, the remaining water with the rice can wet the outside of the pot. When you keep the wet pot in the rice cooker, it can negatively affect the heating elements of the rice cooker. So, wipe the outside of the pot before placing it in the rice cooker.

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Always Keep it Dry and Clean

After using your rice cooker, please clean it every time. Otherwise, it can have corrosion on it, which can damage the affected surface of your rice cooker. Do not forget to dry it as well after washing it. The pan, pot, lid, etc. should always be kept dry and clean after using them.

Final Words

So, here we are done with 9 tips on how to care for your rice cooker. We always expect to have longer durability of a rice cooker. Good quality products usually last long. But they don’t if you can not take care of them properly. With proper care, a rice cooker can provide expected service for many years. We hope you have got some good tips from this article to maintain your rice cooker properly.




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