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So, you have a friend, a partner, or a family member who loves cooking and his or her birthday is coming up. You decide to do something special and actually gift them something meaningful, something that says how much you appreciate their commitment towards becoming a great home chef and their love of cooking. And, of course, this is a good way to say “thank you” for all the meals that the person has made for you. After all, we all love the people who cook for us, don’t we?

I don’t know what your answer to that question is, but here’s what science actually says:

Anyway, let us get back to our topic. You’ve decided to surprise a home chef with something that they will find rather useful in the kitchen, so you start thinking. As for tools and appliances, it appears as if the person has everything they need. Plus, they might not be rather happy with getting a brand new pot since they already have so many good ones in their kitchen. On top of that, you don’t want to be that unimaginative.

Imagination. That’s the right word here and it suddenly strikes you. You need to gift them something that will not only show that you are imaginative enough and know exactly what they need, but that will also spark their imagination while being extremely useful in the kitchen. Oh, if only such a thing existed, am I right?

Well, it sure does exist and it is called a recipe book. Now, you definitely shouldn’t just buy the first book you come across, since that really doesn’t show you have put in the necessary effort. What’s more, it can easily happen that they already have some of those most popular books that you have found with just a few clicks on the Internet. The point is, you really need to step up your game here if you want to make your person happy.

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Here’s an idea. If they are a good and enthusiastic home chef, then they have probably already bought themselves a soup maker. Yet, the truth is that they probably only have a few different recipes that they prepare in this particular device and nothing would make them happier than to improve their skills and expand the repertoire when it comes to preparing food in soup makers. These appliances are actually suitable for preparing rather versatile dishes, but not every chef knows how to use them to their full capacity and they probably all just keep repeating a few recipes that they’ve learned a long time ago.

How about you change that, not only for the sake of the chef, but also for your sake, since you would probably want to try out some of those new recipes? Of course, don’t forget that this is all about the person who is cooking and whose birthday is coming up, so don’t try and make it about you, even though there’s no doubt you’ll benefit from them expanding their knowledge and boosting their kitchen skills. After all, there is something about cooking for other people that makes chefs happy, as explained here, and now you have the opportunity to make them happy by giving them a brand new soup maker recipe book.

How To Choose The Right One

Now that you have decided on the type of recipe book you want to buy for your special person, the only thing that’s left is to place the order and get one, right? Well, that is, once again, wrong! I’m sure you’ll realize why this is wrong the moment you actually start searching for soup maker recipe books online. There are so many different ones on the market, meaning that you can, once again, make either a wrong, or a right choice. I can say with absolute certainty that you want and need to make the right choice.

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How can you, however, make sure that the book you are planning to purchase for the chef is the right one? This can be especially difficult for people who don’t know the first thing about cooking, but the truth is that you will certainly be able to make the right choice as long as you put in some effort into it. Remember, nothing good comes out of rushing into this decision and simply buying the first birthday present you come across and, since you have come this far and chosen the perfect type of present, you definitely shouldn’t stop your efforts to make the right choice now.

There are a couple of things that you should take into consideration when trying to make this significant choice. Your task is to do some research while keeping those important factors in mind, because that’s actually the only way to make the right choice and buy the perfect present for the person that you are trying to surprise. So, let us take a look at what it is that you need to keep in mind during the process and thus help you learn how to make the perfect choice.

The Author

Of course, the very first thing you should check when trying to decide which soupmaker recipes book to buy for your person is the author of the book. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you need to know everyone’s biography in order to buy the perfect present. Simply Googling the author will give you the information you need and help you decide if they’re worthy or not. Plus, the cooking enthusiast you are trying to surprise for his or her birthday might have mentioned a few authors and cooks in some conversations, meaning that some of the names could very well ring a bell.

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If you tend to get sick and tired of all the same old recipes and dishes, can you imagine how the person cooking might be feeling about those? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with trying to perfect some traditional dishes and improve the recipes, but let us be perfectly honest. Every single chef needs and wants a new challenge from time to time, which means that you should choose a book that is versatile both in the traditional recipes and in some new ones that have rarely been tried out. Trust me, if you get a book like that, you’ll definitely make the recipient of the gift rather happy, which was the ultimate goal.


A good recipe book is not only about providing you with a list of ingredients and letting you know how to put them all together in order to create a dish. Instead, a good recipe book is there to inspire you, boost your creativity and encourage you to try out new things instead of simply sticking to what is written inside any book whatsoever. To put things simply, the perfect one should serve as a starting point in a person’s cooking endeavors instead of being extremely strict about all the ingredients that should be used and the number of minutes that the actual soup should be stirred and when it should be served. In other words, instead of being restrictive, the right soup maker recipe book will be inspirational.

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