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The Incredible Produce of Calabria

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Two things come to mind when people think of Italy: spectacular landscapes and food. A whole lot of food. And when people think of Italian food, most think of pizza, pasta and cheese, especially South Italy cheese. However, the country prides itself on its wide culinary tradition, especially in southern Italy. 


In this article, we’ll explore Calabria, one of the southernmost regions in Italy, while making a mouth-watering review of the top ingredients used in the local cuisine.


When people think about Calabria, it’s not just because the region offers some of the best semi hard cheese from southern Italy. Incredible beaches, excellent weather and majestic views of the sea all make it a world-class destination for tourism.


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Its best-known resort, Tropea, is located 70 metres above the sea, and the ancient city offers magnificent views of the ocean, as well as being a cultural hotspot with its medieval architecture, Gothic portals and convoluted history of Roman, Saracen, Norman and Aragonese periods.


Perhaps one of the most amazing views in Tropea is the sunset over the sea, with Stromboli, the volcano island, on the horizon. It evokes an unmatched mystique. And if you’re feeling curious, you can also visit Stromboli to hike and contemplate this

spectacular active volcano.

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