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Scoops Nigeria Menu Changes & Price Changes: No More Swallow and Soup for Now

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Big news from Scoops Makurdi! They’ve stopped selling swallow and soup for now. Don’t worry, it’s not forever. Also, there’s a small price change coming. Let’s talk about what’s happening.

Menu Changes at Scoops

  1. No more swallow and soup for now
  2. Prices going up a little bit

Why Did Scoops Stop Selling Swallow and Soup?

  1. To Make Other Foods Better: Scoops wants to focus on making their other popular foods even tastier.
  2. To Help Their Workers: With fewer foods to cook, workers can get better at making what’s left on the menu.
  3. To Save Money: Things are expensive now. This change helps Scoops keep prices low.
  4. To Make Sure Everything Tastes Good: With fewer foods to make, they can make sure each plate is perfect.
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New Prices at Scoops

From July 1, 2024, prices at Scoops will go up by 5-10%. This means if your favorite meal used to cost ₦1000, it might now cost between ₦1050 and ₦1100. Scoops says they had to do this because everything is getting more expensive. They tried to keep the increase small to help customers.

What Can You Expect Now?

  • Your other favorite Scoops foods will taste even better
  • You’ll get your food faster
  • They might add new foods to try
  • Prices will go up a little, but Scoops is trying to keep food affordable

What Scoops Says

Rita Okoli from Scoops says, “We know some people will miss swallow and soup, and we’re sorry about the small price increase. But we think these changes will help us serve better food in the future. We’re doing our best to keep Scoops a place where everyone can enjoy good food at fair prices.”

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What Should You Do Now?

Next time you go to Scoops Makurdi, you won’t see swallow and soup, and you’ll notice the small price change. But don’t be sad! Try something new instead. You might find a new favorite food.

Keep watching for news from Scoops. They want to know what you think about their food and prices. Your ideas help them make Scoops better for everyone.

We don’t know when swallow and soup will come back. But while we wait, let’s enjoy the other good food at Scoops Makurdi!

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