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Jura coffee machines

Everyone wants a good coffee machine at home to satiate their caffeine cravings, however, getting the best one is not an easy feat, and most of us have absolutely no idea where to begin with our search. 

Jura makes a range of impeccable coffee machines, both for home use and for commercial use. They are available in a range of sizes, formats, functionality, and designs. Even when you have narrowed down your choices to Jura, there is still so much to choose from, and it can be very overwhelming to face all these options. Today, we will help to clarify what options are available to you for domestic use. 

Giga 6 (household)/ Giga X8 (commercial)

The hardest thing to figure out with Jura machines is their categorization. You see, these machines can be divided into two categories, professional and domestic. The main things that separate these two categories are their price and their size. 

Commercial units will have bigger water tanks and waste receptacles. On the other hand, the domestic machines are known for being very reliable as they share many components of their commercial units. 

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A great example of this is the Jura Giga 6 and the Jura Giga X8. The X8 is the commercial unit and the 6 is the household unit. These two machines are actually the same, with the same grinders, brew unit, pumps, and so on. The only real difference between these two is the bigger water tank and the addition of waste receptacles and bean hoppers. 

This means that in theory, if you are a massive coffee enthusiast, you could simply buy a commercial Jura machine for your home, although it would be more expensive, if you needed the greater water tank and the waste unit, a commercial machine would be useful. 

Yet, we think it is better to just get the domestic units, as it is lower in cost, and most of us do not drink enough coffee to need the waste unit or the extra large water tank. 

Jura ENA.

The ENA line of products is like the rookie machine line. They are slim and compact, so if you have little space, these machines are perfect! 

If you are not too fussed about fancy settings, then you could get the Jura ENA 4, which will give you perfect espresso and black coffee. It has the same pump, brew unit, motor, and Aroma G3 Grinder that are in the Jura ENA 8. 

This is an espresso only unit though, it can produce 4 different black coffee specialities, with three strength options. If you do want a cappuccino, however, you could use a separate milk frother. 

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Jura E 

The E line is a very popular line, just a bit bigger than the ENA line, they give larger water tanks, with larger waste receptacles. 

There are two main machines that scream awesome that we will look at in this line. 


The E6 is a favorite. It has a milk outlet next to the coffee outlet, which means you do not need to move the cup to put milk in. With milky drinks, you will need to manually open the tap for milk and then close it, which gives you the coffee pour. 

It has 6 buttons to make espresso, black coffee, cappuccino and milk. 


The E8 is a step up from the E6, giving you a fluted water tank, deeper and redesigned trays and a new S8 milk frother. You get a ‘one touch’ cappuccino, macchiato, or flat white, where the milk, strength, and volume are all programmed into one button. 

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The S Line. 

The S line has some good things, but we want to focus on the Jura S8 Coffee Machine.   only recently been released, and it adds a touch of class for household machines. It is a 4.3” high-res color touchscreen display, it has sublime detailing and a gorgeous finish. It is almost like a mini of the Z8 with a more reasonable price! 

The big dogs- Z line+ Giga line.

If you want something bigger than the Jura Z6 and Z10 are great, they are both bigger. The Z series and the Giga 6 have touchscreen, and adjustable milk temperature.

Out of all of these the Z10 is the latest, it has a large touchscreen control, and it also has an additional water heater too. 


The bottom line is, it really just depends on what you want from your coffee machine, and how much space you have for it. No one is better than the others, it’s all about personal preference.

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