How to clean up your kitchen appliances

clean up your kitchen appliances

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Cleaning up a kitchen can be a real mess, kitchen tips are important to keep your kitchen absolutely neat and clean in order to work inside a kitchen with the peace of mind and the ease of movement from one appliance to another.

However, a proper cleaning job inside the kitchen requires different types of effort depending on what type of kitchen appliances such as white appliances require a certain kind of cleaning services, The black ones requires something different while the stainless steel is different as well. Click this link for more kitchen appliance cleaning tips, if you want to learn how to keep your commercial cooking equipment functioning just fine then you should look into stove top and commercial refrigeration maintenance.

Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless Steel is a great addition to the big size of kitchen appliances for better finishes. However, they are prone to dirt, fingerprint, even to dirty water that leaves marks to the surface of the tools like Blenders, toasters, Dishwashers, Ovens, Fridges and so on. To make a Stainless Steel real clean, According to, you should follow the steps to make your stainless steel kitchen appliances shine like a mirror:

clean up your kitchen appliances
clean up your kitchen appliances

Wash away the Fingerprints and Marks

Before getting into the cleaning process, check the steel in which direction the grain goes, just like wood grain. If the grain goes horizontally, wipe off the marks and fingerprints from top to down motion and do it with a clean microfibre cloth and some warm water some dish soap mixed in it. The mixing ratio should be 1-quart water:4-5 drops of dish soap.

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Clean it and give it the steel color back

After cleaning off all the marks and fingerprints, soak a clean cloth into a bowl of hot water and rinse the steel with the cloth. You can use some detergent to clean it even deep. Now Use a clean nonabrasive microfibre cloth to clean up the surface. Wipe off the wet surface and avoid streaks. Use some extra clothes if you need to clean it completely.

Polish your steel

To give your steel appliances a whole new look, give it a good finish. To do that, pour a sprayer bottle to one-fourth of its size with white vinegar and spray the mist on the surface of the Stainless Steel. Once the vinegar condenses and starts to roll off the surface, wipe off the vinegar with a microfibre cloth. After cleaning all the vinegar, polish it with mineral oil and a clean cloth as well. This will give your Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances a mirror finish and a new look

How to clean Black Appliances

Black appliances can bring a great glossy appearance to your kitchen, but they are also can be a magnet to fingerprint and other dust in the kitchen which are clearly visible because of the glossy finishing. Here is what you should do to clean up the black kitchen appliances

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Pick up the right cloth to do the cleaning

If you are cleaning a black kitchen appliance that has a nice glossy appearance, you should pick up the cleaning cloth wisely as it will make a big difference to the surface. It’s recommended to use a towel made with terry cloth to wipe down the magnetic grims and fingerprints.

This is the cloth that we use as bath towels, bathrobes, slippers for the ultimate comfort and ease. You can now understand how easy this cloth will go on the glossy surface of your kitchen appliances as It works great in non-streak cleaning.

Use ammonium-based cleaner

To clean the surface of the appliances, you can use glass cleaner or window cleaner, which are ammonium-based cleaners. If you want to use a homemade solution, use halfway vinegar and halfway water of the sprayer.

Spray the vinegar solution or the glass cleaner to the terry cloth towel and wipe down the whole appliance to remove all the dirt and the grims that are attached to it. You need to do the cleaning job frequently as there could be some steaks left during the wiping process.

Go gentle with the appliance

Never pick up an abrasive scrubbing pad or steel wool to clean your kitchen appliances which have fine finishes and glossy appearance. If you do so, this will leave you with permanent marks on the surface and make you regret later.

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If you really have to scratch off some stubborn dirt from the surface, mix some dish soap with some baking soda and apply it on a toothbrush and use it as the wiper to wipe down al the stubborn dirt, but remember not to go too hard on it, that will still leave visible streaks on the surface. For a flawless finish, consider using the services of Shine Bright Cleaners.

Buffing the appliance

You need to do buffing on your appliances to give it an ultimate glossy finish, but be sure to clean it before buffing. Buff it with a clean, non-wet microfiber cloth for the best result. Again, don’t use a wet cloth, it will leave marks on the surface.

Bottom line

No matter what type of kitchen appliances you have in your kitchen to keep you running, you have to give them proper care to make sure that your kitchen is serving your purpose on its top performance. Getting a nice look outside by just cleaning the surface of the appliances won’t be enough to get a good performance. You also need to keep them up to date inside as well, especially if the appliance is electric. Make sure that all your electric appliances are safe to work with.

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