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Everything You Need to Know About Food Management

Everything You Need to Know About Food Management

Food is an essential part of our life. We revolve around this right from our wake up moment onwards. Both food & feasting go in hand and celebrations across the world and different cultures are actually centered over food. Our scriptures divide our food in 3 categories, like –

  1. Rajasik or tasteful foods: They are spicy, salty, salty, bitter, and will give rise to grief, discomfort and ill health.
  2. Tamasik or impure foods: It includes cold, stale, and impure, left over foods or half cooked causing harm to your body and mind.
  3. Satvic and pure foods: Such foods are juicy, heal, smooth, comfort, and increase intelligence, longevity, and strength as well as are digested very well by our body.
Everything You Need to Know About Food Management
Everything You Need to Know About Food Management

Food & Food Management

Food and Food Management is an important aspect of our living, which we often take it for granted. We’re less mindful about the food we consume. And we make our body deal with such constant abuse from daily lives & lifestyles. We have to create some health generating systems as well as build oneness with food, yoga, productive exercises, meditation and corrective breathing, sleep and rest and stay spiritually conscious and aware. All these steps translate in the better stamina, tone, energy and strength with more emphasis on the entire body as one entity and that accentuates wellbeing and wellness.

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Food we eat generally lays the main foundation for each tissue and cell in our body. Main purpose of eating food is get nourishment, build strength as well as give energy. The digestive harmony is a key to release this vital energy required for the healthy living. Refined, preserved and processed foods are completely devoid of such nutrition and vitality. Raw, natural and wholesome foods that are absorbed by the cosmic energy, or are charged with a lot sunshine and rainfall should be used for the wellness and health.

Let’s celebrate the good health by embracing the act of Food Management.

How often do you come across this word ‘healthy’ & ‘food’ in a same sentence, and chose to ignore them? Though at TalkToBo we make you aware about many benefits, I see many people taking their health and food for granted. Why to fill our body with some unhealthy food & end up bearing its brunt.

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Benefits of eating healthy:

  • By taking good nutrition your system becomes well equipped in dealing with stress.
  • Helps to prevent & control health related problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Food offers us with the disease fighting antioxidants as well as will slow down the natural ageing process.
  • Good food stimulates our body to create killer cells that will ward off infections and promoting immunity.

Proper diets, with planning and mindfulness are natural & unprocessed that includes grains, dals and pulses, vegetables and fruits, oilseeds and nuts and all in good amount to maintain proper health. Nutrition and Diet are liable for 70 – 80% of your whole transformation. Food influences our thought process, behavior and attitude. And foods will make you feel very high, and there are certain foods that will make you temperamental and irritable, and there are foods that will excite you, and foods that will relax you.

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Like mentioned above our health risks are many! Our diets will include complex carbohydrates that we can get from bajra, jowar, ragi, wheat and more as opposed to refined carbohydrates. So, our diets much be designed in such a way that will protect our body with the lesser oils, sugars and fats. Actually our diets strike the perfect balance of different food groups, nothing much be too much or too little. The high sugar intake is quite proportionate to the diabetes, and high fat levels will lead to hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart diseases, strokes and more.

TOPIC: Everything You Need to Know About Food Management

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