How Does Food Impact Health? Some Facts to Know

Food Impact Health

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Why do we eat? What’s the use of food?

Do we eat merely because we have cravings? Do we eat because a particular meal is delicious? Why do we need food in the real sense? People hardly ask these important questions, but if they did, it would surely inform their decisions in making food choices. Simply put, we eat because food gives our bodies the necessary nutrients needed to function. Food is a kind of information to help our body system function the way they should, via metabolic processes.

Good food health is like passing the right form of information to the body and bad food is as feeding the body with the wrong information; allowing for the development of certain forms of illnesses as one becomes vulnerable to them. The statement, “you are what you eat” is very right as food intake is largely what determines how healthy a human would be. Wondering how food impacts health? Here are some facts that verify how it does.

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 Food Impact Health
Food Impact Health

Facts that Verify Ways in Which Food Impacts Health

Food replenishes the cells of the body and facilitates various processes/functions. The nutrients provided by food help cells in the body to perform all their functions. Nutrients are crucial for a highly necessary phenomenon as the development and growth of body parts. If any of these is not happening as they should, it becomes indicative of a particular disease.

If a nutrient is absent or is not present in sufficient quantities, then areas of function which the nutrient affects would be deficient. If the nutrient intake of an individual doesn’t meet the body needs, it affects several metabolic processes; thus affecting the health of the individual.

The link between food and diseases

Establishing the link between food and diseases is sure to explain the impact of food on health. The number of people affected by non-communicable diseases in today’s world has skyrocketed. Research has connected many of these diseases (which include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity) to diets.

This is because there are various interactions between the foods we eat and the various nutrients and other chemicals found within them. Correct interaction between these nutrients and chemicals would lead to good health while wrong interactions can affect the body adversely.

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In addition to food combination proportions, the timing of food intake, as well as digestion, also go a long way to determine how healthy an individual will be. The diseases caused by poor diets usually have the tendency to give rise to other diseases.

The Link between Functional Medicine and Food

In a case where a person becomes so sick that they cannot function, in functional medicine, nutrients are first administered to the person. This is an obvious confirmation as to how important food is to health and body functioning. It also implies that if the individual had certain nutrients in his stores to a better degree, he would have averted a situation where functionality is affected.

The provision of food and nutrients for healing in functional medicine is quite effective, as nutrients can help repair the cells and give adequate strength, a sign that can be said to be indicative of healing. Drinking adequate water is also important to maintain good health.

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A 21 oz stein bottle is a good tool that would encourage great water intake. It is portable, simple yet fancy. It also helps keep your water at the temperature you desire.

Final Thoughts

Aside from the physical aspect, health is a total package comprising other components. Other components of health include the psychological, emotional and spiritual. When one takes in a good diet, they would definitely feel good about themselves; making sure all these other aspects of health are properly catered to.

When we talk about the impact of food, we often forget to talk about water and its impact. Water is the 6th class of food and it is important that water (in adequate amounts) is included in your diet plan. Eat healthy for better health.

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