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Preparing and drinking a great cup of coffee is an everyday routine that many people enjoy. Learning about different variants of coffee beans, coffee beverage mixtures, and the coffee machines created to make quality coffee products may be beneficial to every coffee enthusiast. The company known as Convergent coffee offers excellent insight into these coffee-related topics since they are a trustworthy and reliable coffee manufacturing group.

Coffee Product Reviews

Since the invention of the coffee machine, it has become a primary staple in the kitchens of coffee shops and passionate coffee mixers. These past few years, 80% of people love to make and experiment their coffee mixtures inside the safety of their homes. It is an excellent way for them to express their creativity in another manner while enjoying the outcomes of their experiments.

Having a personal coffee machine is a must-have for most coffee lovers and baristas. Gaining perspective and knowledge about these devices may be easy if they consult the reviews made by Convergent Coffee which details every technical aspect and capability of each type. There are multiple ways for an individual to start brewing their coffee beverages or even process coffee beans with the extraction of a concentrated espresso shot.

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There is an array of variants when it comes to coffee making machines. Every passionate individual that wants to educate themselves about the coffee-making process and one day craft their recipe may begin by knowing each type of device. Learning about every kind of coffee the making machine can do will help in determining the proper coffee beans to purchase and the adequate amount of ingredients to mix when inventing a personal coffee product.

Types of Coffee Beans

Extensive knowledge gathered about the different types of coffee beans is crucial to every coffee maker or any regular individual wanting to make their coffee products. Each coffee bean in the coffee making industry is sourced from unique locations around the globe. Every type has distinctive characteristics that help with the creation of different variants of coffee beverage.

  • Arabica
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One of the most famous coffee beans in the coffee making industry is the Arabica Coffee beans. The coffee beans of Arabica are extracted from the plant that is known to be cultured at high-altitude settings. These locations have excellent conditions of humidity, temperature, rainfall, and natural sun shades which are crucial for the growth of the arabica plant.

  • Robusta

Robusta beans are on par with the recognition of Arabica coffee beans. The Robusta plant produces fine coffee beans most commonly found in the sub-Saharan areas of central and western Africa. Coffee beverages made with the Robusta coffee bean have more caffeine content than its Arabica counterpart.

  • Liberica

Liberica coffee beans are extracted from a plant with South-East Asian origins. Liberica coffee beans originate from the South East Asian country known as the Philippines for its tropical nature perfect for the development of the Liberica plant. Liberica granules have irregularities in dimension and produce a smoky and robust flavor.

  • Excelsa
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Excelsa beans are commonly found and produced in South East Asia. Excelsa coffee beans are widely known for their use in blending coffee. The flavor from Excelsa coffee drinks is both a combination of dark and light roasted coffee which is fruity and coffee bitter in taste.

Different Types of Coffee Machines

Coffee machines come in different types that serve unique purposes. Each of them has distinctive characteristics and capabilities to produce a different kind of coffee drink.

  • Drip Coffee (Electric)
  • AeroPress (Manual)
  • Stovetop
  • Cold Brew
  • French Press
  • Siphon Coffee Machine
  • Percolators
  • Espresso Machines
  • Thermal Electric Coffee Machines


Coffee making machines are widely known devices for passionate coffee makers. Learning about different coffee bean variants are essential with the operation of each type of coffee machine. Culminating knowledge about all the products used in making coffee is beneficial to every passionate coffee maker or enthusiast.

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