Catering Ideas to Elevate Your Office Holiday Party

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The holidays are just around the corner, so many offices are preparing for their annual celebration. Office holiday parties are a great way to unite employees and show appreciation for their hard work. But lack of effort in the process can send the wrong idea to your employees and make them feel unappreciated at the workplace.

The key to hosting a memorable event is crafting the perfect menu and other elements, such as decoration and entertainment. A Business News Daily article suggests ways to make employees feel appreciated at work, and one of the top recommendations is to feed them. Your employees will likely remember the food you served at the party, as it will show them if you consider their preferences and restrictions. So, here are some helpful catering ideas to help you throw the perfect office holiday party.

Choose a Fun Theme

A unique theme for a party is optional, but it makes the event more fun and memorable for all the guests. The party’s theme should reflect the event’s objective and unify the guests. Although holiday parties typically have a general theme, you can switch things up if you would like.

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Some general themes include a red and green Christmas theme, a winter holiday theme with shades of blue, or a gold theme for New Year’s Eve. Consider a more specific theme if you want to think outside the box. You could choose a commonly adored TV show, book, or movie and use the elements to create a cohesive theme. When choosing your food and table decorations, ensure that the menu and table setting is relevant to the theme. This could include printed napkins, similar color schemes, or cookies with the subject of the theme.

Seek Employee Opinion on Menu

The menu you choose for a holiday party can determine the success of your party. It’s important to choose a diverse menu that your employees will enjoy. This involves finding out what their food preferences are before selecting the menu.

You could shortlist your options and present them to your employees for a vote or learn their food restrictions or dietary preferences and choose options that fit the criteria. It can also be helpful to ask your employees if they prefer a sit-down dinner or buffet. However, this decision can be made by you depending on your budget and preference. A sit-down dinner may encourage your employees to communicate with each other, which is excellent for team building and collaboration in projects. A Cornell University study suggests that employees who eat meals together may be more productive, similar to what occurs in many firehouses.

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Choose a Reputable Caterer

Be mindful of the caterer you choose when you host an office holiday party, as they will play a critical role in the process. Look for a professional caterer with extensive experience in the industry. When you choose reputable companies like McEwan Catering, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality items with exceptional service.

Your employees will feel appreciated if you try to find a caterer that delivers the best food and service, as it illustrates your commitment to making the party successful. The caterer can also help you craft a menu based on your needs and offer insight into the menus typically served at corporate events. This will help you plan a better party, as their knowledge can help you make informed decisions. 

Planning the perfect office holiday party can be challenging, but focusing on the most vital elements can simplify the process. Apply the catering ideas in this article to elevate your holiday party and show your employees how much you care!

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