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Choose your glass as per your wine – Find out why?

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Are you planning to purchase wine glasses? Different wine glasses are available for distinct types of wines that you may desire to liquor up. Generally, there are numerous designs; you may become overwhelmed and wonder if you need the different shapes of classes for different types of wine. Knowing which glass to use makes it easier to entertain guests. They will get charmed by your knowledge and will enjoy the process of drinking wine more. 

If you really wish to explore and uncover the aromas of your wine, it is essential that you choose the right wine glass. All wines, regardless of type (red, white, rosé, sparkling and fortified), have an intrinsic aroma that is specific to the wine. It gives the wine its character and depth. It makes a massive difference to the entire experience.

  • Classifications of wine glasses

What is the requirement for varieties of glasses available in the market? In the past years, the owners of glassware companies have come up with exciting designs and shapes of wine glasses. Different glasses were introduced, considered ideal for drinking specific wines that would surely take your drinking experience to the next level. The assorted shapes of glasses help the drinker with every flavor and aroma of the drink. The taste of the wine will appear much better when you drink it from the right glass and precisely in a self aerating wine glassThe stemless aerating wine glass is the latest trend. Entirely handcrafted, this glass makes wine drinking a truly unique and elegant experience. Other popular choices include – a pair of shimmering wine flutes and a couple of all-purpose glasses.

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These two sets of glasses are perfect for both red and white wine. You can buy any shape you like, but glasses with stems are perfect for drinking wine. If you love stemless wine glasses, you can use them as it provides a different look. But wine glasses with stems are ideal if you want to taste and serve the wine in a formal set-up. If you drink wine from the glasses with the branch, you will not have to touch the glass bulb, which would heat the wine. You will also be able to swirl the wine by holding the stem of the glass before tasting the wine. 

  • What is the perfect way of holding the glass?

If you are drinking wine from a glass with a stem, it is better to hold the glass by its stem or the bottom. But why is it so? If you hold the stem of the glass, there will be no smudging. The branch of the glasses of wine shows that the base is free of fingerprints. If there is no fingerprint on the bulb, you will be able to assess the color of the wine.

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You will also be able to comprehend numerous specialties of the wine before even having a taste of it. For instance, if you have white wine in your glassware and it appears darker to you, it will indicate that the wine has aged some time back. But it needs a lot of trials to analyze the wine in this aspect. But doing this is also fun.

Another reason for the stem in the glass is that you can quickly swirl the wine by holding it in contrast to the goblet. The swirl churns the wine absorbing oxygen from the air. It aids in opening up the wine, thereby releasing its aroma. However, it may seem a bit pretentious, but once you swirl the wine, the intact flavors are unlocked, and the smell is released to appreciate the drinker’s nasal system. 

  • Wine etiquette to follow 

One of the intuitive causes for holding the wine glass by its stem is that the wine will warm up if you have the goblet. If the wine warms up, the wine will quickly evaporate. It will cause the intricate flavors to muddle up, and you will get a balanced taste of the wine. Holding the wine by the stem helps maintain the temperature, and the wine is perfectly served. You can compare this aspect to ice cream. Melted ice cream will not taste bad, but the taste you get will not be the same. 

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Going through these aspects, why should you go stemless? It entirely hinges on whether you prefer a glass with a stem or stemless glass. But one thing is that specific rare glasses are versatile. You cannot only serve wine in it but also other liquor and juices. They can also get easily handled. You can opt for a stemless glass for serving less complex wine in family get-togethers. Yeah, it’s your choice, but you should enjoy the wine at the end of the day.

A premium wine glass can set the table scene on fire!

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