Cooking Cold water lobster tails could be easier than Said

Who says cooking lobster tail is difficult?

Well, it could be for some but once we get to apply tips we learn from experts, or anyone more experienced in cooking lobster than we are, then nothing could go wrong. So, what is the best way to cook it? Well, there are several best ways of preparing lobster, especially when cooking for seniors, but the most important thing of all is what we are supposed to do before cooking it. In other words, we should know what to do first with a frozen lobster tail because the final product depends on the entire procedure of preparing it. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some tips on what to do with a frozen lobster before we proceed on addressing what is the best way to cook lobster tail. The prepared best taste dish available of cold water lobster tails for sale.

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The first thing to do with a frozen lobster tail is to thaw it for twenty four hours. This first step is also the most important of all because if it is not properly thawed, the final product may not be as delicious as we want it to be. One of the disasters that might happen if it is not properly thawed is that the meat might not turn out tender. So, we should be patient enough to let the frozen meat thaw for twenty four hours, no more and no less. Now, in the event that we are not patient enough to wait for one day, a suggestion is to place it in a plastic bag filled with water. This should then be kept inside the refrigerator, not in the freezer or chiller, for just a few hours. Just make sure that it gets thawed evenly.

Some of us may already be curious as to what is the best way to cook lobster tail. There are actually many ways but one of the most recommended ones is to steam cook it. It should be expected that the tails will curl when steamed so to prevent this from happening, a wooden skewer should be used. Approximately four to five cups of water should be used and placed inside the steamer. The ideal number of tails that may be placed in the steam colander is four. We would know if the tails are already cooked as their color will turn red and the color of the flesh turns white. The suggested time for steaming per ounce is 1 ½ minutes. Once the tails are cooked, the steam colander should then be placed on the sink so that cold water may be run over it. At the same time, this process also allows the tails to be rinsed and washed.

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Those who are asking what the best way to cook lobster is may agree that steaming it is the most recommended cooking method of all. Some may say that it is only one of the best ways to cook tail. Whichever people think, it is guaranteed that steaming lobster tails is well recommended.

Some people like steamed lobster tails to have more taste. This is possible by brushing melted butter on them. There are also people who want lobster grilled. This is also possible with steamed lobster tails. Right after steaming, just brush butter on the tails and barbecue grill them.

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