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  • How To Prepare Egusi Soup (melon)

    How To Prepare Egusi Soup (melon)

    Ofe Egusi, that’s the Name. Just like I rightly stated on the introductory page of Nigeria Soups, the Egusi soup (melon) happens to be the MOST popular of all Nigerian Soups as far as consumption is concerned. Also on this page I have done my best to attach a video on the preparation and cooking…

  • How To Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice

    How To Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice

    The Nigeria Jollof rice is without no doubt one among the most easiest of food to make and afford within Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, you’ll definitely want to begin with this if you happen to be new to eating Nigeria foods. Are you a foreigner and married to a Nigerian and maybe…

  • Kunun Aya (Tiger Nuts Milk)

    Kunun Aya (Tiger Nuts Milk)

    How to make Kunun Aya (Tiger Nuts Milk) Tiger nuts, Horchata de Chufas in Spanish are abundant most especially in Nigeria and I personally used to eat lots of them in my younger days. Though I have not been able to have them in years till my friend recently reminded me of these great nuts.…