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How To Prepare Egusi Soup (melon)

Ofe Egusi, that’s the Name. Just like I rightly stated on the introductory page of Nigeria Soups, the Egusi soup (melon) happens to be the MOST popular of all Nigerian Soups as far as consumption is concerned. Also on this page I have done my best to attach a video on the preparation and cooking of the Egusi soup (melon) for better illustration, and also made a list of needed ingredients.

There are actually two different Egusi soup (melon) recipes that am aware of, not withstanding, we will be taking us on the most popular recipe, then probably the second should come briefly at the end of this recipe then later in the week on a separate detailed blog post.

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What you find below is a delicious plate of egusi soup, served with fufu.

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Video On Making Egusi Soup

Here is a visual demonstration of the method outlined above, enjoy!

Note: This soup can also be made with fluted pumpkin, the same process should be followed the only different is that bitter leaves should be replaced with fluted pumpkin leaves.

The second egusi soup recipe is very simple to make. You can still follow the same process outlined above. Parboil the meat; add the dry fish, stock fish once it is soft for consumption. Also add the palm oil, 2 cubes of maggi, salt and pepper, dawadawa or okpei. Then add the ground egusi (here there is completely no reason to add water or make into paste)

The only different between the two recipes is that the egusi is fried at the beginning in the recipe above while it is added at the end here. A combination of Ofe Egusi & Pounded Yam would be perfect for launch

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