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How To Prepare Nigerian Jollof Rice

The Nigeria Jollof rice is without no doubt one among the most easiest of food to make and afford within Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, you’ll definitely want to begin with this if you happen to be new to eating Nigeria foods.

Are you a foreigner and married to a Nigerian and maybe looking for an easy way to prepare an amazing African recipe meal to either please of fill him/her? Nigeria jollof is for certain approved all over the world and its ingredients can be visible at most part of the world. This was actually one of the first food I learnt to prepare at my younger age, I bet the same or most Nigerians too, my tactics was not so good but it improved over the years with constant study like you’re doing, reading this post right now.

In Nigeria, we have varieties of rice recipes and for sure you’ll find them all on this site, but for this post we will be dealing with the Nigerian Jollof Rice precisely, before we begin to talk about making other rice meals like the popular Nigeria fired rice, the local rice, and even Ofada Rice, to be sincere I have this special liking for the Nigeria Palm Oil Local rice meal.

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What you’ll be seeing below is a gallery of delicious served jollof rice plus fried beef.

[tasty-recipe id=”1239″]

This is just how to make jollof rice, you can serve with the fried meat, salad and maybe a bottle of your favorite drink. Do you still have certain questions? Please drop a comment below and I will respond immediately.

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