Do kitchen scales measure weight or mass?

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The various types of weighing scales and an understanding of mass and weight will help understand what kitchen scales measure.

Types of kitchen weighing scales

Weighing scale for kitchen is one of the most important and useful pieces of equipment in the kitchen. Weighing scale for kitchen ensures the correct measurements of the ingredients like spices present in the kitchen. It makes cooking easier and comfortable. 

Weighing the items has started in earlier civilizations in which they used to weigh clothes, spices, gold, crops, etc. The two plates hung on either side of an overhead beam. On a side, the item which has to be measured should be kept and on the other side, stones should be kept. And the two plates should be balanced equally by adding or removing the item from the plate. To choose the best kitchen weighing scale in india many factors should be considered. With the growing world, kitchen weighing scale have been upgraded by their features and design. In the market weighing scales for the kitchen comes in various types. They are:

1. Balance Scales

These are one of the earliest types of scales known. Since it is an earlier scale, every kitchen prefers to have it. The weight of an object is measured by placing the set masses on the other side. known weights like 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg are available separately in the market. Some weights kitchen weighing scale upto 5 kg. Because of its easy usage for weighing, it is still quite popular. The only con about the balance weighing scale is that it cannot measure the items accurately.

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2. Digital Scale

Accuracy is the first thing that comes into the mind when it comes to the word digital. Digital kitchen weighing scale is a modern invention that has been designed for easy and comfortable use. These scales are so popular that they can be found in at least 8 out of 10 kitchens around the world. Most bakers and chefs use these weighing scales for measuring the ingredients. Accuracy is not only a feature of digital scale, it is also easy for cleaning and storing.

The one more important thing to be considered in the digital scales is that it comes with the bright light from which the screen is visible clearly. Digital scales not only have a bright LCD light but also many features like G-Sensors which can measure the weight in different units like Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms, etc. Some electronic kitchen scale comes with the auto OFF which can save battery life. Since digital scales are modern technology, they are available slim and smart, making them easier for storage. Getting a stainless steel digital scale is always the best option. Not only the pros but also there are cons for digital scales. They are sensitive to water and dish wash. Batteries tend to get damaged soon.

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3. Hanging weighing scales

Hanging scales come in two different types, Analog and digital. Even these scales are older versions of weighing the objects. The bottom of the hanging weighing scale has hooks from where the item needs to be attached to weigh it. After adding the item to one side, the scale bends downwards on the item side, now weights should be added on another side to balance the item weight. There are various kinds of hanging weighing scales present in the market which only a few have hooks at the bottom. Hanging scales can measure the small items accurately compared to larger scales. These hanging scales are mostly used by fishermen. Not only by fishermen but also it is used by many labs and companies for outdoor works.

Hooks, faces, and housing are the common parts in both analog and digital scales. Even though the digital scale and analog scale share similar features, there are some other differences too.

4. Analog

There are some of the most portable and budget-friendly weighing scales available out there. Retail marketers prefer this weighing scale mostly. This is also carried to the lakes to find out the weight of the recently caught fishes. 

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5. Digital Hanging Scales

Digital hanging weighing scales work exactly like analog hanging weigh scales, but these are modern designed scales that provide accurate results. This provides the features like showing the weight in different units like tons, kilograms, pounds, ounces, and many other units. Nowadays, digital hanging scales are coming with a remote for easy usage, Which is completely wireless with a bright display.

Mass and weight

To understand if a kitchen scale measures mass or weight, we must firstly understand that mass and weight are two different things. Mass is the amount of matter present inside an object. Labs use analytical balances to accurately measure mass. Because of the mass present, the same objects attract each other. The best example of this is the gravitational force of attraction between masses and objects. Because of the Earth’s gravity, objects are pulled towards it which is directly related to the mass. The more the mass, the more it pulls towards it. So this declares that mass and weight have direct relation, it is reasonable to convert the readings from newtons to kilograms.

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