Dried Fruits and it’s uses

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According to Natural Moreish, One very useful ingredient in both savory and desserts are the Dried fruits used. It most times helps in adding to the sweetness and also in curbing the most persistent sweet tooth. They are available in two ways, when you get to the market; you can either buy dried fruit online or purchase the fresh one so you can dry yourself. A lot of other dried fruits can be uses in so many ways, the likes of dried figs, rasins, dried apples and dried bananas. Below are some the suggestions available:

Replacing Dried Fruit for Fresh

In making wonderful recipe, Dried fruits can be a major player in it. Using the blueberry muffins for a case study, you can even use the fresh version of the fruits instead of the dried fruits. If in a situation where the recipe requires an extra cup of fresh fruit, then you can add half more cup of dried fruit. If you’re using the fresh fruit, then endeavor to soak them in a little water or even orange ice to make it plump.

Dried Fruit Trail Mix

In making wonderful trail mix, Healthy Dried fruits can be a major addition to it. All you need to do is first and foremost, mix your preferred dried fruit into other ingredients such as cereal, crackers, nuts, pretzels etc.. Then always keep the mixture within easy access so you can always much it on the trail at any given time. The simple sugars available in the fruits are a healthy substitute for candy, which offers a quick energy enhancement required by your body. Remember to eat a constant amount of food in a case where your hike is stenous in other to keep your energy and stamina up.

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Savory Cooking with Dried Fruit

In making savory cooking, including little pieces of Dried fruits can be a major addition to it. In making Couscous, rice or even lentil pilaf, deciding to add raisins and chopped date will at the end contribute a great spicy and sweetness into the dish. Not to forget that there are other great dried spices that blend well in making different sauces and glazes, fruits such as the Pineapple and mango dried fruits. Most dishes found around the Middle East will always include one or more driest fruits in them.

Also know that Majority of these Dried fruits will also serve as a very healthy accompaniment or snack to your meal, just have creative ways of preparing the dried fruits and have an amazing good health in return.

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