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You love the idea of having social gatherings in your backyard. And you want to do it right and be prepared with all the right supplies and facility. How do you go about choosing the right kind of tent for your gatherings?

What Size?

If your gathering is going to be “ceremony style,” meaning guests are seated in rows of chairs facing one direction, you’ll want a 20’ X 40’ tent for 100 guests. If they will be seated at dining tables, you’ll want at least 20’ X 50’, depending on if your tables are round or rectangular. Round tables take more space. A little too much room is better than not enough, if you have the yard space to accommodate. The larger the tent the better ventilation to avoid Covid-19 while eating.

Beach And Tropical Style

More of a canopy, rather than a true tent, these lightweight structures provide atmosphere and style, but no real protection from the elements. They are smaller in size, usually designed to cover a table of ten. They are constructed of a lightweight wood or bamboo frame and draped with a light gauzy fabric. Wind and rain will go right through this fabric, as will most of the sun. They provide casual scenery, and the side fabric can be gathered at the support poles or closed as needed.

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Pole Tents

This tent design is supported by poles and guy wires. They require stakes driven into the ground, solid enough to hold the tension of the guy wires. That means they cannot be used on cement or other hard surfaces. They are available in sizes up to 60’ X 120’ and can accommodate over 500 guests. Bigger sizes feature multiple roof peaks, which give a majestic look. Pole tents are very solid, and offer excellent protection from wind, rain, and sun.

In addition to the usual white vinyl canopy, these tents are also available with sailcloth material. This fabric is translucent and gives off a warm glow from the interior lighting, making a spectacular presentation. They can also be supplied with exotic Moroccan or Indian fabric and trim, red and white striped vinyl for a carnival or circus theme, and many other style possibilities.

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Backyard Gazebos 

The most versatile type of gazebo, is a semi-permanent one like Sojag offers. They are high quality and very stylish for any home. They come in many styles and are easy to accessorize or decorate. These aren’t your ordinary gazebos and can make an excellent addition to your deck our swimming pool area. Visit this website for all the pool equipment perth you need.

Not as solidly anchored to the ground as a pole tent, the frame style still has plenty of structural rigidity. You will have to manage walkway safety, as the frame runs along the ground around the entire structure. If guests enter and exit, they need to step over the frame.

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These circular wooden structures were originally portable dwellings of the nomadic people of South Asia. The modern variety is available up to 30 feet in diameter, or about 700 square feet. They can be tent-like, or solidly built, with glass windows and traditional doors.

These are some of the basic options for your party tent needs. One of them is sure to suit your event style perfectly.

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