Food Tour: Where to Go for Students in the Summer in the USA

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If you’re reading this, you’re studying in college. Well, how often do you eat well? Judging by the workload and lifestyle of modern students, you’ll hardly have time to cook healthy food. If we’ve just described your life and you realized that you’re dissatisfied with it, change it. We understand that it’s impossible to take and master all the subjects in a moment to avoid spending all free time doing assignments. Nowadays, academic writing services offer help with everything from astronomy essays and term papers to writing theses, research, and complicated case studies. No one complicated discipline, such as philosophy can plunge you into despair. Moreover, everyone may download a free essay on health and related disciplines if writing papers on this discipline seems hard.

If you and your friends like to eat well and sightseeing isn’t the activity that interests you, a food tour is what you all need. And even if you still want to look around the city, no one stops you from doing it while you’re getting to the next culinary destination. The United States can offer people thousands of opportunities to get acquainted with the cuisine. Those who want to book a ready food tour may do it everywhere, and here we’ll mention several destinations you should visit.

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1. The Olde Pink House, Savannah, Georgia

This place is the best way to taste delicious food and enjoy being in the 18th-century mansion. It was built by an American merchant, James Habersham, who held many secret meetings and other events in his mansion. That’s why now The Olde Pink House is a national landmark. Even though it’s a popular place for romantic dinners, many guides include it in food trips and act right. This restaurant serves many different dishes: fried shrimps, filet mignon, tacos with various fillings, and grilled pork. You may also enjoy drinks in Arches Bar, of course, if you’re older than 18. Do you want to have an incredible dining experience? Go to this restaurant. 

2. Williamsburg Pizza, NY

The United States and fast food are inextricably connected, so if you plan to have a food trip, visit one-two pizza restaurants. Williamsburg Pizza is a popular network: there are at least five restaurants in NY, and this one is located on the Lower East Side Pizza Walk. Finding a restaurant that serves cheap pizza that tastes well is a kind of challenge, and we’ve helped you to avoid it. Students’ life is full of various challenges,  for example, difficult disciplines in college, such as history, business, and maths. The amazing Margherita with homemade mozzarella, Apple Bacon pizza with crushed walnuts and gorgonzola, Vegan pizza with tomato, spinach, and many other delicious pizzas will help you forget about all the hardships of studying.

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3. Bartaco, Nashville

Nashville is the best city to try various Mexican street foods and, of course, tacos. Bartaco is one of the top restaurants in Nashville, so you must visit it even if you aren’t a fan of street food. It’s okay to try some tacos during a food trip. The interior and atmosphere of Bartaco make it the perfect place to spend time with friends when you’re a school or college student. There are about ten types of tacos and various rice bowls. Bartaco also serves gazpacho, guac, duck birria, kimchi, other sides, and desserts. This restaurant is children and vegan friendly, so if you have special taste preferences, Bartaco will be glad to meet you and your needs.

4. Ipsento 606, Chicago

We talk about food, but what about coffee? As we know, students adore coffee and can’t live without it. However, what about good coffee? If you haven’t visited Ipsento cafe, you haven’t tried a genuine and good coffee. It was founded long ago, and the founder aimed to make more people aware of the coffee, its types, and preparation methods. Here you’ll not just taste good coffee — you’ll learn how Ipsento created the brand, how they grow coffee, and so on. Students are the main consumers of coffee, so they should know everything about it. Obtaining knowledge in class is boring, but the same cannot be said of learning new information while traveling. Good impressions are unforgettable.

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5. Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co., Orlando

It’s a popular chain of seafood restaurants across the USA. The founders of this network were inspired by the Forrest Gump movie. This history started long ago, in 1996, and not all restaurants manage to remain as popular as they were at the very beginning. Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. managed to do it. Enjoy appetizers, soups & salads, handhelds, sides. If you like seafood, visit Bubba Gump’s Shrimp to try various dishes made of shrimps, crabs, lobsters, and tilapia. This restaurant offers some desserts, but they aren’t the dishes you must try here. Your food trip will be incomplete without this location.

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