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Grab A Cann For The Ultimate Hangover-Free Adult Party

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What’s trending in the party scene? No, it is not another alcohol making the rounds or creating buzz. It is Cann, an award-winning mild-dosed drink that can keep you in the party mood happily. 

Many people think that only alcohol can make you the best party animal. But they fail to realize that this department has more alternatives than ever. Yes, Yuzu from Japan is one, and Lemon from Sicily is in Cann’s catalog to keep the buzz around. 

What Makes this New Cann such a Hit

1. Novelty in Flavors 

The brand Cann has come a long way in discovering the true likes of a drinker. Even someone loyal to a single brand will often want variety, especially if he is into novelty. This is where the brand strikes it out of the park with a wide range of flavors. They have created Cloudy Apply Rhubarb Lite, Golden Citrus Bark Lite, Honeydew Mint Lite, and more. 

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These are available in 6-pack options and are great for starting a conversation and making the most of your mood in any party. 

2. Not Hard-Hitting 

Alcoholic drinks have this tendency to make you lose consciousness after use. But if you want to party with your colleagues after the office and not lose consciousness or regret the morning after, you can go for this product. There is a pleasant haze around the drink, and it helps you get into the dance or mood to lighten up. But it will still not cause a hangover or hit you hard anytime. 

3. Nutritious 

How many drinks can you name that are also high in health? Well, Cann is one, and it contains no added sugar, no gluten, and no artificial flavors. A single serving of the Grapefruit Rosemary Lite will have 9 calories in a serving of 1 can of 237 ml. A can of Blood Orange Cardamom contains 8% juice and only has 30 calories. Even Ginger Lemongrass can contain just 35 calories in one can of 237 ml. This said, there is also the Pineapple Jalapeno that has just 30 calories and does not have stevia. 

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In short, not many brands have drinks with such low levels of sugar, carbs, and even calories. It makes the drink high in nutritional value. 

4. Best of Natural Ingredients 

The raw ingredients of each drink are from the best producers. For instance, Grapefruit is from Florida, not from Grapefruit concentrate juice. Likewise, even the lemon and the blood oranges are not from the concentrate but the gardens of Sicily. It ensures the drinkers get the best energy and freshness from these fruits, not just a flavor. 

5. Handy Packaging

Party-goers like to go for some easy-to-have drinks; this is where Cann tops the list. You can pick the drink when you hit the party and easily grab it too. The style of the cans and the product’s design makes it party-ready for sure!

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