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Holiday party

Remember to be Guest Centric.

A great host will always go that extra mile to make guests feel welcome – that way they will stick around and enjoy themselves. They should always be the focus. When the guest list is limited this is not often a challenge – it’s when the numbers well and additional complexities need to be taken into account that planning and some know-how become extremely important. Here are 10 tips that will transform you into the perfect host – and ensure that your guests feel valued and can simply relax.

Invitations are Important.

Spend some time ensuring that the invitations you send out are easy to understand and contain all the vital information that your guests require. RSVP’s are essential. They will provide you with information on food preferences, allergies, and other dietary restrictions. Social media and eVites are great options. The database you build will allow you to easily send out reminders -and ensure that your busy guests do not have a scheduling conflict.

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Planning is a Priority.

With larger events, planning can mean the difference between success and a social disaster. Give yourself enough time to work out the details. Make your plan as detailed as possible. This includes what you’ll serve, when you’ll be serving (taking into account prep time) and exactly where the food and refreshments will be placed. Decorations, props from Premier Glow and staging should also be planned well in advance. even details such as where coats and outerwear can be stored can contribute to a successful party. Close friends are almost always willing to lend a hand in planning and setup – reach out to them. People by and large love to get involved – and it brings friends (who will almost always be guests) closer together. They feel part of the process. If there are teenagers available a few dollars can enlist their help – and they can really make everything that little bit less stressful.

Thoughts on Food.

Stick with what you know. Prepare food that you are comfortable with. It avoids stress and ensures the perfect meal. Make sure that you cater for everyone – and take into account those dietary restrictions and preferences. Dishes that can be prepared in advance are great – and always make sure that there is enough for that second helping. Advance menu planning means you get to spend more time with your guests – and ensures that they will enjoy every bite.  

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Children and Pets.

Adults often arrive with children. Make sure that you have some entertainment that will allow the adults to spend some quality time with people of their own age group – and simply relax. you’ll be thanked for the forethought. Pets should be separated from party guests the last thing you want is for them to be underfoot – or begging for scraps. If a neighbor can look after them for the duration of the party that is first prize.

Conversation is King.

No one wants to be on their feet for the entire duration of the get-together. Make sure that you have ample seating, otherwise you risk people leaving early. If your guests are comfortable they will talk – and talking is one ofthe keys to a successful party. If necessary, hire some folding chairs – and make sure that you free uop some space in order to allow people to move from group to group. That space can also be used for setting out refreshments such as drinks, desserts or salads.

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Music is Key.


A great playlist can add fun and laughter to the proceedings – but not everyone has the same music tastes. Strive for balance and ask guests to submit some suggestions. Guests can use online sites such as Spotify to make their selections. Try to keep the music choice light – and alternate between different styles and genres of music.

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