How Eating Bad Affects Your Overall Health?

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Good nutrition is essentially important for your overall health and for staying active. Intake of healthy food & nutrition are keys to better health. Smart nutrition & good food choices prevent diseases. Clean foods enable the body to fight with illness successfully. Poor nutrition involves under and over eating, lack of healthy foods, or eating different types of food & drink, that have low fiber and higher fat and salt or sugar content. The diet we take provides fuel to our bodies that it needs for functioning properly. Unhealthy diet leads to poor core strength, slow response time, weakened & less alertness. It also has many other negative effects on your overall health.

What role food plays in our bodies?

Food nutrients enable our body cells to do all the functions. Nutrients are essential for your growth, development & maintenance of different body functions. Absence of those nutrients leads to human health decline. If your nutrient consumption is not equal to your nutrient needs not only your metabolic process will slow but stop down. Nutrients content you get from food gives your bodies the instructions on how to function properly; it acts as the information source for your bodies.  

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Effects of bad Nutrition on Overall Health  

Following are the effects that a poor diet can have on you. For knowing more about fitness and health click here

1. Obesity

According to a study, around 65.2% adults in America are overweight and obese because of a bad diet. Obesity can be defined as a BMI of 25 or over it. Obesity puts your health at a risk of disorders & conditions, a lot of which are life-threatening. If you need help, Oliver Pyatt Center is a residential eating disorder treatment center.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is also linked to unhealthy nutrition. It can be a result of eating sugar- & fat-laden meals that leads to obesity. Around 8% Americans suffer from diabetes.

3. High Cholesterol and & Disease

Bad diet leads to higher cholesterol levels, which primarily contributes to poor cardiovascular health. Around 500,000 individuals in the US lose their life to heart diseases. Foods with high cholesterol have large amounts of saturated fat in them. Include lean proteins like chicken, fish, turkey & seafood is your diet instead of processed foods.

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4. Gout

Bad nutrition often leads to gout. In this condition uric acid crystals buildup in the joints. That leads to painful swelling and can permanently damage your joints. Food with higher fat and cholesterol levels cause gout.

5. Hypertension

Hypertension is also the result of poor nutrition. It is commonly known as high blood pressure, or a silent killer, as it remains undetected & untreated till it causes high damage to your body. Hypertension is a result of consuming junk food, salt, sugar, fried food, dairy products & refined food.

6. Stroke

Stroke is a result of plaque in your blood vessel, which breaks off in the form of a clot and travels to the brain & causes a blockage. It can be linked with poor nutrition. Strokes impose serious damage to your brain that can lead to death. Foods that have higher salt, fat & cholesterol content increases the chances of stroke.

What Is Good Nutrition?

The food you eat is the primary way of fueling your body. Every day your body replaces the nutrients with the new supply. Fats, proteins, & carbohydrates are essentially required water too! Make sure you take all the key vitamins & minerals too. Healthy diet is a combination of natural foods. It should contain a portion of fruits & vegetables. And whole grains, like whole wheat & brown rice. Adults should take dairy products that have no or low-fat. Take the protein from lean meat & poultry, eggs, beans, seafood, legumes, & soy products like tofu, unsalted seeds & nuts. You should necessarily practice the habits that enforce healthy eating. Good diet also means that you should avoid certain foods. Processed food has higher content of Sodium which is very bad for people who have high blood pressure. Solid fats & trans fats that are present in margarine & processed foods pose risks to your heart health. Refined grains & refined sugar are also harmful for your health in the long-term. Especially for diabetic patients.

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